Barstool Boyos – 21st of October

They say Liz could be gone soon…

Hey, don’t they say a week is a long time in politics?

They do!

They’re going to have to update that saying!


Well, look at events across the water…

In London?


Pretty dramatic alright…

Pretty chaotic!

I guess you think they should change it to ‘A day is a long time in politics’???

More like an hour is a long time in politics!

By the way, do you ever wonder who ‘they’ are?

Not really! But I see why you might ask!


(They pause to check if Liz Truss is still hanging on as PM in Downing Street; she is)


Well, she’s still in the hot seat…

In hot water, more like it!

But they’re sharpening the knives…

There you go with your ‘they’ again!

Mmnn…anyways, Liz sacked her first Chancellor. Kwasi…

I disagree. I’d say ‘twas far from easy…

No, I mean his name was Kwasi. Kwasi Kwarteng.

Oh right…

He’s gone after just 38 days…

I guess Liz felt he was making all the wrong decisions…

Eh, not really, she AGREED with all his decisions.

Oh, I see. So I guess it was personal. They couldn’t stand the sight of one another?

Actually, they’re great friends…

So I’m guessing she did it to try and save her own skin?

I’m guessing you’re right!


(They pause to see if new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is still in the job; he is)


It would never happen here!


Such political chaos…

Oh we’ve had our share of political dramas…

More like political farce! The Taoiseach talking about Shane Ross’s book, merely boosting its sales!


That time the Healy-Raes arrived outside the Dáil on top of a jeep – with their jubilant supporters – playing accordions and tin whistles. I think one of them was on the fiddle.

That was years ago! And just to be clear, there’s no fiddling inside or outside the Dáil (Editor sighs with relief, holds off on calling legal adviser)

Bottom line: Liz is in trouble!

Yep, we can surely agree that an hour is a long time in politics in Westminster!

Yeah, they need…


As I was saying, they need to find their mojo again!

Or find their Bojo again!

Boris? I say mojo, you say Bojo!


Boris to return? Is that what you’re actually saying?

Well, that’s what they’re saying!