Barstool Boyos – 21st of July

Hot weather…and hot hurling!


Will the weather ever pick up?

It’s terrible!

Worst summer in a long time!

It was actually cold the other night!

We could do with a bit of sunshine!

It’s not too much to ask…sure it would lift people’s spirits, if nothing else!

We live in hope!




I can’t bear it anymore!


It’s torture! Tonight was the worst of all! Too hot, too steamy!

Love Island, is it?

NO! The hot weather!

Oh yeah, agreed!

I mean, it was grand for a while, this heatwave…

Yeah, it was grand in the early stages…like yesterday.

Exactly! But it’s really dragging on now! It’s just too much!

Absolutely! Today was the worst, I’ve had enough!

We had our windows open, our doors too, the dog was panting all day, we couldn’t sleep at night, it was just far too uncomfortable.

Yeah, we’re not used to those temperatures, the sooner it ends the better!




It’s a bit cooler today…just the mid-20s!

Yeah, now that is bearable…we could maybe do with a week of that!

I guess so!

So, are we cheering for Galway on Sunday?

Of course we are! We are of the West!

Both: Come on Galway, you can do it!




Well, my friend, this weekend it’s Galway v Kerry in the All-Ireland football final, but have you recovered yet from all that amazing sport last weekend? That fantastic Irish win in New Zealand, the golf, Croke Park…

It was all wonderful! I know you were away for the weekend, so I ended up watching the hurling with the pub bore, but even that was okay!

Was he excited by it all?

Yes, very excited! He reckoned the average size of modern-day hurleys is about 32 inches!

Oh dear…I see the pub bore was on form!

When Kilkenny staged a comeback, the whole pub was buzzing, but yer man was on about the Norman invasion and Kilkenny Castle!

Was he at least happy with the outcome?

Well, he’s no great fan of the Normans…

No, not that outcome! I mean the outcome on Sunday! Limerick winning the three-in-a-row!

Oh, that! Yeah, he was excited alright…‘cos that got him started on the Vikings! Apparently they founded Limerick! He went on and on about that too!

Lovely hurling!