Barstool Boyos – 1st of October

Bond, the Ryder Cup…and some confusion about those two guys!

Wow! Friday evening was a disaster!


Those two unpredictable Irish guys…never know what to expect from them!

Mmnn…I guess…

I mean, I’d been looking forward to it SO MUCH. All week I was thinking ‘Can’t wait for it to start on Friday’…then…anticlimax!

I know, but…


Well, I wouldn’t be blaming the two Irish lads…

Ah I’m fed up with them…laughing at their own jokes, playing the ‘Irish craic’ card for American audiences…

You’re such a grump! The Americans love Lowry and McIlroy! Gentlemen…and wonderful players! Lowry might laugh and joke a bit, but that’s refreshing. They’re legends!

Lowry and McIlroy? I was talking about the 2 Johnnies…on the Late Late Show!

Oh! I didn’t see THEM! I assumed you were talking about the start of the Ryder Cup on Friday! Surely you weren’t looking forward to the 2 Johnnies appearing on the Late Late…all week?

My life’s not very exciting just now!


(They pause – very briefly – to reflect on some of the 2 Johnnies’ greatest comedy moments over the years)


Which of the two do you like the most?


The two lads…have you a favourite?

I don’t rate Johnnie, and I don’t rate Johnnie either! In fact, I think Johnnie is less funny than Johnnie! Still, good luck to them, they seem like lovely lads!

I’m talking about the golfers now! Rory and Shane!

Ah they’re great…

It was a disaster for Europe – the Ryder Cup – but there were a few positives.


Lowry’s reaction when he sunk that winning putt…


And Rory’s emotional interview on Sunday! Wow!

They are great guys, in fairness.

Yep! And the Ryder Cup captain – our own Padraig Harrington – he deserves our support too.


Thing is, no other captain could have halted the Americans’ march this time! They’re superstars!

I agree! Harrington’s not to blame…and he will always be a national hero!

Anyways, it wasn’t a bad Late Late…did you not see the super-cool hero…

I’m sick of Ryan!

No, not Ryan! Bond, James Bond! Daniel Craig!

Oh dear!


(They pause briefly to check what else happened in the world while they were watching 34 hours of live sport over the weekend)


All joking aside, it’s riveting TV!

Ah yeah, even when it’s a bit of an anticlimax, it’s still special…

And that setting, wow!

Yep, stunning!

Mind you, not quite as mesmeric as the Prime Time set!


The Late Late studio set, it’s good, but it ain’t a patch on the multicolour wonder that is the ‘new’ Prime Time set!

Are you still on about the Late Late? I meant the Ryder Cup is riveting TV! The Whistling Straits venue was awesome! That amazing background, with pleasure boats cruising on the spectacular Lake Michigan…

I’d love to go one day…

Do you want me to try and get tickets? I met Marty Morrissey once! I could call him!

Not to the Late Late…to Lake Michigan…and Whistling Straits!