Barstool Boyos – 1st of June

Football musings and ‘craic with Dubs’

What a day…on Sunday!


That Dublin pub was very quaint. Pity we had to rush those two last pints before the game…

Yeah, we were having such craic with the Dubs, we lost track of time…

We finished those pints impressively…two mouthfuls apiece. It was thirsty weather!

Eh…good value at €3.60 a mouthful, or €7.20 a pint!

Roscommon were excellent…that six-minute spell of possession drove the Dublin supporters mad!

Yeah, the lads behind us were good craic. One fella said: “I’m going for a pint, send me a text when Roscommon play the ball up the field…”

Ha! It was actually a brilliant phase of controlled possession play!

That’s why I turned to one Dub and said, “Does this not remind ye of Pep’s Barcelona at their peak? Tippy tappy football!”

What did he say?

“Barcelona me arse” he says… “it’s six minutes, and ye’re going nowhere! It’s more like, I dunno, Bohemians!”


Then his friend pipes up: “Bohemians? More like Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s going on so long!”

We had the last laugh… Diarmuid Murtagh sped upfield, and when Ciaráin finished it off with a point, well the sheer joy of it!


(They pause to check if Eamonn Holmes has challenged Phillip Schofield to a duel yet; he hasn’t)


Any other news?

Well, I had a bizarre but ultimately amusing exchange with the Editor on Monday evening. I met him while I was out walking…


I said “That was brilliant yesterday, the football…”


But he was acting kind of strange…


He gave me a look… and said the football was a nightmare on Sunday!

Oh dear, doesn’t he realise how essential possession is, especially against a team like Dublin…

Wait, wait…next, he says: “A bad day at the office. That’s the end of Sam for us…”


I said it was a great performance, but he looked at me as if I had two heads. “Rubbish!” he said!

You’re not serious?

“We need a change of manager” the Editor muttered.


Next thing, he’s on about Sam again. “We may kiss goodbye to Sam after that let-down…”

What did you say?

I told him Roscommon had been brilliant, Davy Burke is doing great, and we are as entitled to dream about the Sam Maguire Cup as any of the other top teams!


AND the Editor calmly reminded me that his beloved Leeds United were relegated on Sunday, that the Sam Allardyce gamble hadn’t worked… and THAT was the football nightmare/rubbish he’d been taking about!