Barstool Boyos – 17th of March 2023

Jenny, Hugh Grant… and making plans for a future visit to the Oscars!

Did you see that ass at the Oscars?


…stealing the limelight…


That ass hogging the stage at the Oscars?

He’s no ass. I’m actually a huge fan of Hugh Grant. He wasn’t trying to steal the limelight. He’s just quirky. All he did was give a few deadpan answers to a typically predictable interview…

No, no…

No! You called him an ass! I won’t have it! We need to celebrate individuality, I’m sure you and I can agree on that. I’m sure we both feel the exact same way…that individuality is to be encouraged! Repeat after me…individuality is to be encouraged! Surely everyone agrees on that!

Listen you idiot, I wasn’t referring to that viral Hugh Grant interview. It’s Jenny…


JENNY stole the limelight!

Jenny from the Block?


I didn’t see Jennifer Lopez being interviewed, but then again I fell asleep three times during the Oscars!

Not Jenny from the Block, or Jennifer Lopez, Jenny the donkey/ass!



(They pause to draw breath and formally regret ever starting the conversation)


So, did you see the ass at the Oscars?

Do we have to do all this again…

Jenny, the ass from The Banshees of Inisherin!

OH! Now I get it! Actually, a donkey…

Point is, she made a guest appearance…


So, did you see Jenny?

No. ‘Cos that wasn’t Jenny!


You don’t seriously think they’d fly Jenny in from Ireland, do you?

Well if that wasn’t Jenny, eh…what was it?

That was a stand-in donkey!

A stand-in donkey? Is there such a thing?

There is now. That donkey had to be trained to act like Jenny.


To answer your question, I saw the ass – or the donkey – but I didn’t see Jenny, ‘cos she wasn’t there!

Yeah well, at least we won two Oscars, and all the Irish seemed to enjoy the parties…

Yeah, that goes for the Irish media too, they fairly high-tailed it over there!

Good luck to them! I’m sure when there’s a Roscommon nominee, the Editor will consider sending us over!


(They pause to fantastise about attending the Oscars, and after-parties, on behalf of the Roscommon People)


So, it wasn’t Jenny?

No, it wasn’t Jenny! I guess she was returned to the ‘stand-in donkey’ agency directly after her appearance…

Yep, back to anonymity! Had a brief walk-on part, strutted, looked pretty, said nothing…just like…


Just like your quirky hero, Hugh Grant!