Barstool Boyos – 16th of June

There’s something about Harry…

I’ve just had enough of him!


Preening around, like he’s some sort of, I dunno, human peacock!

You okay, my friend?

Yes, I’m fine!


As you know, I’m a keen observer of celebrity news, and of cultural icons!

Indeed, it’s the first thing I think of when I think of you!

And that guy just got on my nerves last week!


Every paper I looked at, every radio station, blah, blah, blah, HARRY, HARRY, HARRY!

Ah, Harry!

YES, HARRY! He just flies in, struts around, commands media attention, and we’re supposed to be in awe of him!

I totally disagree, you’re such a grump! Harry lifted us all last week!

He didn’t lift ME! It’s all about him! HARRY, HARRY, HARRY!

But he’s charismatic, gifted, a one-off!


And he was BORN for that castle!

Well then he should have stayed there!


If he was born for Windsor Castle, he shouldn’t have turned his back on it!

I meant… SLANE CASTLE. Harry Styles!


You are talking about Harry Styles, flying in, dominating the news agenda, strutting, etc?

Actually, I was talking about Prince Harry’s court appearance last week. Harry Styles? Sure, he’s a grand lad!


(They pause to check if the thunder has started yet; yes, at around 5 pm on Tuesday)


So, Manchester City won the Champions League…


The hurling was fab on Sunday…


Limerick held off Clare by a point.

…and the Cats showed they have lots of lives left, with a late winning goal against Galway.

It was hard luck on Galway, but they’re still in it!

Hard luck? Hard puck!


(They pause to check if Boris Johnson nominated his and Carrie’s housekeeper for a peerage; he didn’t)


Anyways, my friend, an exciting weekend ahead…

Yes! Midsummer’s Weekend with the Stars, and Roscommon v Kildare…

Ah yes, fit specimens thrilling the fans with their body swerves…


I MEANT the big match.

Well, here’s wishing the Midsummer’s Festival every success at Roscommon Racecourse.

And wishing Davy and his players every success against Kildare in Tullamore.


By the way…


Kilkenny hurlers’ great escape reminded me of Harry Houdini. Rodri’s finish for Manchester City reminded me of Harry Kane. Now all we need is some Harry Potter-like magic in Tullamore on Sunday!

There it is again… HARRY, HARRY, HARRY!