Barstool Boyos – 16th of December

Don’t let roundabouts stress you…enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Well, that was some experience!


I did some early Christmas shopping today!


Boy(o), town was busy!

I’m glad to hear it! Roscommon is a super shopping town!

Agreed! I’ll tell you one thing, there was some traffic…I was a while getting on to the roundabouts!

Oh that’s a great sign of a busy town!

I guess so!

I hope you were pleasant to the other drivers…

I was quite civil!

Well, I’m sure it will all get less stressful…

LESS STRESSFUL? Christmas Week is coming!

Oh cheer up…it’s all part of the fun of Christmas!


(They pause to check how many days are left before the World Cup is over, leading to glum faces)


So yeah…the traffic can be a challenge!

Are you still going on about that? You’re SO miserable!

I’m NEVER miserable!

NEVER MISERABLE? You make the Grinch look like Graham Norton!


It’s a wonder you didn’t say ‘Bah, humbug!’

It’s not too late yet…

One good thing about being in the car at Christmas is you get to listen to all the seasonal classics on the radio!

I suppose that’s true…

I heard Fairytale of New York in Church Street the other day…

Yeah, and I heard it in Lanesboro Street, and Main Street, and out the Castlerea Road…it’s constantly on…ALREADY!

Next time you feel your patience being tested when you’re trying to join the traffic on a roundabout, just imagine Perry Como or Bing Crosby sitting on an armchair, in a knitted sweater of course, surrounded by smiling children, snow falling outside…and try to live in the moment! De-stress!


(Editor: Perry Como or Bing Crosby? For God’s sake guys, it’s hard enough to hold on to younger readers!)


Perry Como! Bing Crosby! I’m more of a Slade man myself!

Ah yes, Slade! ‘Merry Christmas Everybody!’ Love it!

I must say, the shops in town are fantastic. There’s a brilliant buzz in the town, and a wonderful range of goods and services on offer!

That’s more like it! Not to mention the free parking!

I guess I just have to accept there’s going to be a lot of traffic…and I need to chill!

Exactly! You can cope with this slight increase in traffic volumes at Christmas! Just relax, and turn up that music!

Okay! Will do!

Yeah, and if you get into a brief traffic jam in town,  you can always phone me for a chat. In the meantime, I’ve another Christmas classic for you…which is very apt!


Chris Rea…‘Driving Home For Christmas’!