Barstool Boyos – 14th of April

A great weekend… now for a one on one with President Biden! 

That was such a taxing week! But great!


VERY taxing! It left me wrecked!


‘Cos I was on the fiddle on Friday…


Very taxing! On the fiddle!

Hold on! Taxing? And ON THE FIDDLE!


(Editor scrambles to check boyos’ expenses dockets)


So I was on the fiddle in Strokestown! At the opening of the County Fleadh. I played one or two tunes…

Oh, I see!

Yeah, what a great start to the weekend! Then on Sunday, I believe the parade in Strokestown was very enjoyable.

So I heard!


(They pause to check if they’ve been approved accreditation for President Biden’s visit to Ballina; they haven’t)


Anyways, what a weekend!

Brilliant! Did you see the video of Paddy Joe, the famous barber and renowned Roscommon fan?


Talking to his heart’s content, beside his very dapper friend!

Yes, Ryan Tubridy was dapper, and that video of Paddy Joe on the Late Late Show is very good…

No, I meant Cllr. Marty McDermott, he looked very dapper in the video with Paddy Joe in Castlebar!

Oh sorry, that video! Yes, John Corcoran’s finest, no doubt!


(They pause to double-check if their application for VIP access when President Biden arrives in Knock has been successful; it hasn’t)


So, Castlebar was great!


Davy Burke is some boyo!

Yes! Roscommon were brilliant.

Mayo contributed too. And Kevin McStay was very gracious.

Agreed! Mayo were dignified in defeat.

Anyways, it was Roscommon’s day this time!

G’wan the Rossies!


(They pause to savour it all)


A word on the Roscommon Parade too…

It was mighty. And what a crowd.

Tremendous! And a fine parade! A credit to the organisers.

The rain couldn’t dampen our spirits, not after Roscommon’s win.

Beautiful rain, to borrow a phrase from a certain barber. Beautiful rain all weekend…

So, no sign of our press passes for President Biden’s visit to Ballina?

Not yet, but the Editor says he has Joe Brolly on the job. Joe has lots of Mayo connections. I know we have concerns that Brolly might be in line to replace us on this page, but the Editor reckons he’ll be in touch with us about access for Biden’s visit…

Great! I want to ask him what it’s like to be such a powerful figure…

ASK HIM A QUESTION?! Look, even if we get to Ballina, we won’t get near President Biden!

I didn’t mean ask that Joe! I meant Joe Brolly!