Barstool Boyos – 11th of May

Roscommon’s week of glory, Dónal Óg… and King Charles’ dance moves!

It was wonderful!


How they danced… their faces full of joy… sheer emotion!


After the formalities at the weekend, they danced the night away! ALL NIGHT LONG!

Oh, I guess you’re referring to the Roscommon camogie team. So they should! They’d just won an All-Ireland crown!

Speaking of crowns, I was actually referring to King Charles III and Queen Camilla! They were strutting their stuff at the Coronation concert on Sunday night,  bopping away to Lionel Richie as he sang ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Easy’…

Oh, I missed that! I had enough of the coronation by Saturday afternoon!

Both: Congrats to the Roscommon ladies on their All-Ireland win!


(They pause to check if the sun is shining, or if it’s raining; it’s doing both)


What a week it’s been for young Rossies!

Fantastic! An All-Ireland camogie win, St Dominic’s on the double in Scór, another gold for Aoife, our U-20 hurlers gave it their all in the final…

Yeah, and various students from around the county earned national recognition in areas of culture, fashion, and enterprise!

Congratulations to all!


(They pause to reflect on a great week for Roscommon’s young ambassadors)


Did you watch that drama on RTE on Sunday night?

Of course… unmissable!

It was fairly explosive!

Yeah, strong stuff!

Brilliant acting!

Well, not sure if that’s fair…

Fair? It’s VERY fair! And a great script!

Please! Are you suggesting Dónal Óg’s Sunday Game outburst was premeditated?

Dónal Óg Cusack’s hurling rant? I was talking about RTE’s brilliant Kin series!


(They pause to finalise plans for their Eurovision Party this weekend)


Take That!


He danced to Take That as well… King Charles!



Wow, who’d have thought Charles is such a mover!

Well, he’s no Michael Flatley, but not bad for a king!


(They pause to assess the Premier League relegation battle, and decide to avoid the Editor for the foreseeable future)


He should have his own TV show…

Dónal Óg?

No! King Charles… now that he’s so in touch with the people… and modern culture!

We’re hardly going to see The King Charles chat show! Mind you, the way you’ve been raving about him, he could appear on one of those dancing reality shows…  with some other monarchs/heads of state. I’ve got it!