Barstool Boyos – 11th December

Marquee forwards…and tickets…for Mass


A large tent!


That’s what it is…


A marquee! It’s a large tent!


So why are they called marquee forwards? The GAA stars?


The experts, the punters, the lads, call them what you like, they said Mayo had no marquee forwards…

Marquee punters.


You could call THEM marquee punters…

Oh yeah. But my point is…


Mayo HAVE marquee forwards…I mean, Cillian O’Connor, he only went and scored four goals and nine points against Tipperary! And Mayo are back in the All-Ireland final!

Yep! He’s a marquee forward alright, I agree with you there. Sure those punters, they’re not a bit consistent!

I’m glad you agree that O’Connor is a marquee forward…but it doesn’t solve it!

Well, it’s a help, I mean if he gets enough ball against Dublin in the final, you never know…

No, not THAT! It doesn’t solve the question of why they are called marquee forwards! Why a marquee?



Yeah, good point. A marquee is a tent, it covers things, maybe they mean those forwards will ‘cover’ the scoring end of things, as in ‘I’ll cover that, don’t worry about the scores, I’ll deal with them…’

That’s silly! You’d never make it as a punter!


And why are some players called marquee forwards, while others are talismen? Or ace attackers? Or poachers? Or marksmen?

Ah, sure that’s the media for ye!

Anyways, that was some performance by O’Connor – four goals and nine points in an All-Ireland semi-final!

Yeah, reminds me of my career, very similar…

You’re joking!

No, I’m serious…VERY like my career…I scored four goals and nine points…in my entire career!


(They pause to compare notes on how many interviews Leo Varadkar has given on radio and TV this week)


Did you get your tickets yet?


For later in the month, your tickets…for the big day.

No chance, I won’t be there…

It’s not to be missed! It’s sacred! It’s a beautiful occasion! You should try to be there! Get your tickets…

Look, it’s hard enough to get tickets for the All-Ireland in a normal year, it’s surely impossible when there are no tickets, and no spectators!

No, I mean tickets for Christmas Day Mass!

Are you serious?


Tickets! For Mass!

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but you have to book tickets if you want to go to Mass on Christmas Day.


Strange times!

Very strange, but I can see the dilemma the Church authorities are faced with. This sounds like a practical idea.

Fair enough…and I must say, there’s something very special and beautiful and inspirational about Christmas Day Mass.


Too bad that it probably won’t be possible to accommodate everyone…

You know what they should do…


Put up speakers, maybe even screens, accommodate people outside the Churches…


I’m full of good ideas!

And what if it’s a wet or bitterly cold Christmas? Will would-be Mass-goers who don’t get tickets actually stand outside in the open air?

Good point…



…they put up marquees!