Barstool Boyos – 10th of December

McGregor, Bono, Mick Jagger … and The Fairytale of New York!

Let’s not mention the C word this week…PLEASE!

Not mention Christmas? You’re such a Grinch!

NO! NOT Christmas!

I’m guessing you mean Cov…



(They pause to remember the good old days, otherwise known as January 2020)


Let’s talk about other stuff…

What else is there to talk about? Are you for real?

Well, there is SOME other stuff…


I mean, Christmas isn’t exactly cancelled, it’s still happening.

Yeah, true…

We need to embrace it, spend time with family, create happy memories…

Not easy in this climate, but I agree!

It’s a time for joy, happiness, reflection, presents!


(They pause to listen out for the day’s first playing of ‘Fairytale of New York’…and are obliged within a minute or two)


What’s it all about?

Life? I often wonder…

No, NOT LIFE. That song…



It’s about two people who were very close but they argue from time to time…and I think they’re partial to the odd drink.



Two people who like the odd drink and are generally very close but are prone to the odd disagreement? Doesn’t remind me of anyone!


I mean…seriously!

Oh right, I see where you went with that, well you and I get on most of the time! We’re hardly the stuff of a Christmas classic though!

Anyways, what did you think of that force of nature?

Yeah, pretty dramatic!

Some guy said it would hit the country like a freight train, come out of nowhere!


Wild, destructive, causing havoc…

Yeah, Storm Barra was formidable…

Storm Barra? I meant Conor McGregor!


He’s back in the news! He’s a force of nature, he’s wild, he’s destructive!

What’s he up to now?

He wants Ireland to leave the EU!

What does he know about politics and international affairs?

Well it never stopped Bono!


(They pause to check if there’s any update on McGregor’s call for Ireland to exit the EU)


He’s a dirty street fighter, you know!

Well it’s competitive in the music business, to be fair…


I know there were rumours that he got into a bunfight with Mick Jagger backstage at a charity concert, but they’re unconfirmed!


And I certainly don’t believe that story about Bob Geldof having to hold Bono back while Joe Elliott kept Jagger in a headlock! These stories get exaggerated!


You said Bono is a dirty street fighter, I’m standing up for him! Showbiz can be tough, competitive!

I WAS TALKING ABOUT McGREGOR! HE’S a dirty street fighter!

Oh, sorry!


(They pause to desperately try to get the image of Joe Elliott holding Mick Jagger in a headlock out of their minds)


So would that be called a McGrexit?


If Ireland left the EU at the behest of a Conor McGregor-led campaign? You know…McGrexit?

Yeah, I know…anyways, he has no credibility, not on those issues at least!

I agree! Mind you, a good fighter…


But controversial, divisive…


Think I’d prefer a pint with Bono!


So Conor’s off our list too?


Another ‘C’ word we need a break from!