Barstool Boyos – 10th March 2023

We lost the game! That’s bad, isn’t it? NO? Huh?

Oh dear…I know Roscommon played well in the end, but we lost to our neighbours. So, that was bad!


Losing to Mayo last Sunday…bah! Bah and Bad!

No, that was GOOD!


Psychologically! It ensures we’re still underdogs for our championship meeting with Mayo in April. That’s the important game! And if we’d won on Sunday, it would have been asking a lot to beat them twice!

But…eh…isn’t it bad that we played so poorly in the first half? I mean, we were seven points to nil down! SURELY that’s bad?

No, it’s good!


Because, being 7-0 down and then coming back – closing the gap to two – shows our resilience!

Well, we let in a very soft goal, and that put us EIGHT points behind! Now THAT was bad!

No, that was good!


Because our defenders will learn from that mishap. Plus, coming from eight points down back to two…

Yeah, yeah, I get it…our resilience! But if only that late goal chance had gone in…but it didn’t! So that was bad, wasn’t it?

No, that was also good. If we’d stolen the game – undeservedly – it might have glossed over some of the stuff we have to work on.



(They pause to check the league table, and make slightly nervous calculations) 


Well, the traffic was crazy. That was bad, wasn’t it?

On the contrary, that was good…


The huge amount of cars around town reflected the fact that there was a fantastic crowd at the game.

It took us 20 minutes to get a pint afterwards, now THAT was bad!

No, that was good! It’s brilliant to see a boost for the pubs on the day of a big match.

Well, the lads on the RTE highlights show were so-so about the Rossies…that’s bad.

No, that’s good! We don’t want any unnecessary hype. We are where we are. A good, hard-working team that’s improving.

That’s what they said about Manchester United, and look what happened to them on Sunday!

Please! That was a freak!


(Editor: Can we get back on track here, please…)


Well, THAT was bad. Manchester United losing 7-0 to Liverpool…

Oh they’ll bounce back, just like Roscommon will!

We’ve lost two in a row…you have to admit that’s bad.

No, because Davy Burke learns something new about his team with every outing. And it’s good that we had six league points in the bag already.

It’s a long drive to Kerry for our next game…eh, is that bad?

Not really. it’s good for me anyway…‘cos you’re driving!