Ballyleague opts to Save a Life

A large crowd attended a defibrillator meeting in Lanesboro/Ballyleague Co-Op Hall on Thursday night last. Gearóid Oman from the HSE spoke of the benefits and also the financial cost of setting up of a defibrillator scheme. Guests heard that the Irish Heart Foundation encourages local communities to engage in resuscitation training and defibrillator training is a vital part of that. The scheme is based on the chain of survival concept, which promotes the four vital links that can save a life. Early access involves recognising that a person is in cardiac arrest and calling for professional help. At this stage every minute counts. Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) provides rescue breathing and chest compression. When these are started, they immediately help to keep brain and heart supplied with blood and oxygen until medical help arrives. Early defibrillation delivers an electric shock to the chest to restore heart function. There are 23 people trained to use defibrillators in the Ballyleague/ Lanesboro community at present. This is the action most likely to improve survival rates. Early advanced care includes basic life support measures, plus specialised care by doctors, nurses, paramedics and trained rescuers. Chairperson of the steering community, Joe McGrath, spoke about the cost to get the scheme up and running, which is somewhere in the region of €23,000. AEDs, high visibility vests, mannequins, gloves, mouth pieces etc. are among the items needed. The committee is about to embark on a major fundraising drive and will be delivering envelopes to each house in the community in the near future. Please support this worthy cause.