Back in the big time!


It’s a lovely Saturday evening and my day at work in the shop in Athlone is coming to an end, and I can feel the excitement beginning to kick in. I am just about to start two weeks of annual leave, nearly all of which I will spend in the Costa Blanca on the east coast of Spain, but that is not what is starting to excite me. No, it’s the fact that after a very long absence, Creggs footballers are about to play their first game in the intermediate football championship against old foes St. Barry’s at 7 pm in Kilbride – and it’s true what they say –there’s nothing like the championship to stir the blood in players and spectators alike.

 I managed to skip away at five o’clock – don’t tell the boss – got home for the hastily-constructed dinner and arrived into Kilbride just as the game was about to get underway.

  We started the better, and my young lad, Paul, struck for an early goal. We had a few more good chances for scores which we didn’t take, and slowly but surely the Tarmonbarry boys got a grip and were soon in a four-point lead and looking the more likely side. However, Creggs finished the half well, kicking three unanswered points, and when the referee blew for half-time, it was in the melting pot, all square and anyone’s game.

  There was a nice breeze, which favoured us in the second half and we kicked on in those thirty minutes (maybe it’s thirty-five) and at the end we had a very welcome win, in what was a tough, hard, but sporting contest. I have to say that for the smallest club in the county, we had a great support, and even though we know there are a lot of tough matches to come, it was still nice to register a win after such a long time in the wilderness of junior football.

  The Kilbride pitch was in great nick, although like all pitches a bit hard on the feet, parking was well organised and the shop where you could buy refreshments was open, which is a lovely touch, and the only gripe I have is a very minor and personal one.

  I like to watch matches on my own and so, at the last two games we have had in the Kilbride venue, I have tried to watch the game from the sideline, on the opposite side to the stand, but each time I have been refused entry. I understand the lads on the particular gate are told not to let anyone in and they must follow orders, but I can’t figure out what harm an old age pensioner would do by being allowed to go that side. As it happened, there was a lad videoing the game from over there, so what made me any different? However, I still enjoyed a very good game of football, and it is great to see our lads back in intermediate football.

A weekend of celebration for local families

Back to Saturday evening and as I headed home for my hastily-constructed dinner, I couldn’t but notice the number of bouncy castles and parties going on around Curraghboy, and, being the genius that I am, I figured there must be either Confirmation or Communion in the village on Saturday afternoon.

  I have to say it was great to see all the activity and the crowds, and it put paid to the commonly-held theories that all such celebrations are held in the pub and that it is all for the adults and not the kids. Well, from my observations, the very many children were enjoying themselves to no end and there are bouncy castles of every shape and size.

  I found myself wishing I was a gasun again; sadly I am not a gasun, and my ageing muscles and aching bones means that the only enjoyment I will ever get from them will be looking at others having fun on them.

  Well done to all who made their Communion or Confirmation at the weekend, wherever you were. They are still big days in every child’s life.

Is it Creggs or Spain?

It is now Sunday afternoon, and if I didn’t know better, I could be forgiven for thinking that I got my dates mixed up and that somehow I went to Spain last night and was already basking in the Mediterranean sunshine. My daughter Tara has just told me that it’s 21 degrees outside – and in fairness it is a rasper of a day. I hope it doesn’t mean we’ll be going to a couple of weeks of rain and cold.

  To tell the truth, I couldn’t care less even if we are, at least I’m away from letters and bills and all that type of stuff.

  Talking of daughters, our other girl, Lisa, celebrated a big birthday (can’t tell you) over the weekend, so we did the usual party thing. We went for a meal on Friday night and we had a lovely enjoyable evening out, followed by a few quiet pints in Mikeen’s. It was great fun, at least until the alarm went on Saturday morning.

And finally…

Finally for this week, I am told that those good ladies in the Oran Mothers & Others football club have something big planned for the June bank holiday weekend. As usual Therese Kenny has told me she’ll give me the details closer to the night, but in the meantime put it in the back of your mind, and I’ll fill you in fully in the near future.

‘Till next week, Bye for now!