Award-winning play ‘Scorch’ comes to Roscommon Arts Centre

Roscommon Arts Centre hosts Stacey Gregg’s award-winning play Scorch on Thursday, 20th of October at 8 pm. Scorch has just returned from a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it picked up no less than five awards, including Best Actor for Amy McAllister.

  Amy McAllister portrays a troubled teenage girl called Kez that is struggling with her gender identity. Kez explores her sexuality and gender by posing as a boy who embarks on an intimate relationship with another girl, which leads to devastating effects both legally and personally.

  Directed by the award-winning Emma Jordan, the play explores issues surrounding gender disclosure experienced by a contemporary teenager and is inspired by recent court cases. This is a thoughtful play that constantly questions who we are, and how we represent ourselves to the world and to each other. Scorch has been described by The Irish Times as “a compelling look at teenage identity.”

  The play confronts issues that are extremely important within today’s society regarding identity and gender politics. It explores many issues including verbal abuse, segregation, miss representation, and also the lack of information or education there is for young people that need to know more about gender curiosity and sexual orientation.

  Scorch involves dance, comedy, and drama and engages with sensitive issues using humour and wit but explores these topics in a very intelligent and thought provoking way.

  Tickets for this compelling play are available now at Roscommon Arts Centre on