Award-winning Irish law firm to join the four-day working week

One of the Midlands’ oldest and most respected law firms, Tormeys Solicitors LLP, are the first law firm in Ireland to sign up for and participate in the four-day week global pilot programme and has now commenced the European Pilot.

By joining the programme, Tormeys Solicitors have agreed to reduce all staff working hours by one full day per week whilst ensuring staff receive the same contractual rights including full pay and full statutory holiday entitlements as they were entitled to when working five days per week.

When discussing the pilot, Managing Partner Tony Henry commented: “We felt that with increased pressures on people in all areas of their life, ensuring staffs wellbeing and work-life balance is the greatest gift we and any employer can give to their hard-working and dedicated team”.

In signing up for the pilot, the firm’s main goals are to provide all staff with better job satisfaction whilst increasing productivity, enhancing staffs wellbeing and ultimately ensuring a better work/life balance by providing staff with a fully paid ‘quality/family day’ every week while simultaneously maintaining productivity levels, company growth and the high quality customer service which has made Tormeys Solicitors one of the largest and most successful solicitors’ firms in the Midlands.

Preparation work began in the summer of 2022 when the firm conducted preliminary investigations into the programme by sourcing and studying all relevant documentation and case studies from similar programmes in America, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa and thereafter attending various workshops collecting relevant data and information before ultimately signing up and joining the European Pilot Programme which began at the beginning of February this year.

Upon implementation of the four-day week, the company will apply the ‘100-80-100 model’ which will ensure all employees receive 100% of their pay for 80% working hours while achieving 100% productivity for the company.

During the 6-month pilot programme staff are invited to complete questionnaires before, during and after the programme where the confidential data is collated and examined by experts at Boston University and the results are then provided to the staff.

To date, the project has been a success and has received 100% buy-in from the entire company, with staff member Katrina Dowd commenting that “I get to spend more quality time with my children”. The intention is to make it permanent for all employees upon successful completion of the trial.