Attention to detail evident at Oldwood

IT is the attention to detail in the homes in the second phase of the Oldwood development in Roscommon town that really make them stand out from the crowd. The first 11 homes in this carefully planned development of four bedroom detached homes boasts a specially designed Irish blue limestone finish created by some of the finest craftsmen available. The story of Irish blue limestone is one that is millions of years old as the crinoid-rich sediments from the sheltered waters transformed into massive crystalline limestone.  It is a completely natural material and production processes are limited to cutting, shaping and applying surface dressings.  Careful control of the manufacturing process ensures that nothing is done to the stone that will change its physical characteristics and nothing is added in the form or surface coating or chemical impregnations that may deteriorate over time. Limestone Today only the best of the crinoidal stones are extracted to produce Irish blue limestone such as that used in the Oldwood development, which when combined with some of the country’s best craftsmen produces the striking results visible in Oldwood. It is this same blue limestone that also marks the impressive entrance to the development through stunning blue limestone piers.