Athlone Little Theatre to host powerful drama this April

Hot on the heels of the return to live theatre with two successful one-act plays in March, Athlone Little Theatre is back again in April and is promising a powerful and moving seven nights of top-class drama.

  The acclaimed ‘Duet for One’ by Tom Kempinski, directed by Kiltoom’s Ollie Hegarty, and featuring the very talented and experienced Clive Darling and Fiona Scerri in the main roles, will run from April 4th to 10th.

  The opening night of the run is traditionally a charity night for local organisations, but this time around the committee has decided that the proceeds will go to the Red Cross and UNICEF appeals for Ukraine. For tickets for the first night, call 087-6502035.

  In this compelling and powerful play, Stephanie Abrahams, (Fiona Scerri) a brilliant concert violinist who seems to have it all, is forced to re-evaluate her life when struck down by an unforeseen tragedy caused by illness. Faced with a truth too difficult to comprehend, she consults the enigmatic psychiatrist Dr Feldmann (Clive Darling) and through a series of highly-charged encounters is led to examine her deepest emotions, and finally, to consider a future without music.

  First produced in the Bush Theatre back in 1980, it won the London Theatre Critics Award for best play in that year with both Anne Bancroft and Julie Andrews taking on the lead role at various times.

  Revived in 2009, the production directed by Matthew Lloyd garnered a lot of praise, indeed, the renowned theatre critic with The Guardian, Michael Billington, described it as a “riveting evening”, while The London Financial Times called it a “wonderfully sensitive play, positive and optimistic”.

  Now local audiences will get their chance to see this gripping play featuring two of ALT’s finest actors Fiona Scerri and Clive Darling, who rise to the challenge admirably of portraying this duel between two razor-sharp minds and the wry humour that underlines their often testy exchanges. Ultimately, Tom Kempinski’s dazzling play emerges as a compelling, poignantly funny and life-enhancing tribute to the human spirit.

  ‘Duet for One’ runs from April 4th to 10th nightly at 8 pm in Athlone Little Theatre. To book tickets, go to