Arts Centre’s latest exhibition ‘An Animate Land’ opens on Friday

Roscommon Arts Centre’s upcoming exhibition An Animate Land looks at our relationships with the land and landscape, and the role agricultural processes of production and habitual farming practices play in this negotiation, exploring the role of trade and the value systems around both art and agriculture.

The close proximity of Roscommon Cooperative Livestock Mart to the Arts Centre has become an important source of interest, where its weekly activities, expression and presence of animals and machines bring a lively energy to the area, animating the spaces around and about the Mart and Arts Centre buildings.

The artists in this exhibition Marian Balfe, Laura Fitzgerald and Miriam O’Connor present an opportunity to occupy more than one world, and explore issues of ownership, value, responsibility and care within our landscape through both arts practice and farming practice.

Drawing from her rural upbringing, Marian Balfe explores fragmented connections to place and land. These connections are initiated through memory and experience, where certain objects, artefacts, print ephemera, people and animals are often revisited through the paintings Marian will present in this exhibition.

Laura Fitzgerald is a visual artist working in drawing, painting, installation, video, and text. As part of An Animate Land she will present David Brown’s Enterprise a full-scale three-dimensional drawing of a David Brown Tractor made from bended and welded metal. The tractor acts as viewing device for a new film work entitled ‘Art School in the Old Days’.

Miriam O’Connor’s photographic practice draws inspiration from the sights, sounds and language of everyday life. Camera at the Mart is a new lens-based work by O’Connor and is the result of an artist residency undertaken at Roscommon Mart. Taking its title from the weekly mart reports which chart livestock sales, trends and mart turnout, in this work O’Connor reflects on the proximity of Roscommon Mart to the Arts Centre and this becomes a focus for her enquiries.

An Animate Land exhibition opens at 6 pm on Friday, 20th of May and runs until July 1st.