Army must put emergency evacuation plan in place – Naughten

Families should map ambulance access route where roads are impassible

Independent TD Denis Naughten has called on the National Co-ordination Group to instruct the Defence Forces to put an emergency evacuation plan in place for each community now marooned as a result of flooding.

  “Many marooned families, some who are behind up to four feet of water, are now very concerned about access to emergency medical services should they require them,” said Deputy Naughten. 

  “Over the last number of days there have been a number of marooned families who have required urgent medical treatment and this is set to continue, as it is likely that many communities will remain marooned for a number of weeks. In many instances the only possible emergency medical access is via the Irish Coast Guard, but in some areas there is not enough land available to set down this very large helicopter. 


  “Each community now faces a unique set of challenges and I believe the Defence Forces must put an emergency evacuation protocol in place that ensures people have access to emergency medical care 24 hours a day, if required. 

  “Furthermore, there are many more homes with limited or very complicated access routes due to serious flooding of roads.

  “This has already caused serious challenges for ambulances trying to get to the scene of an emergency.

  “As a result it is important that individual homeowners in such areas note their Eircode which allows National Ambulance Control to identify their location and also record directions to their home by the quickest route that remains accessible.”