Are you old enough to remember churning

If you are old enough to remember how to make butter, then you simply have to get yourself along to the Old Fair Day at Ballygar on Monday next, where you’ll see lots of skills from yesteryear on show. If you’re not sufficiently experienced in this world, then this is your perfect opportunity to perfect an ancient skill and it’s guaranteed as good as a visit to the gym for your arms!             After the butter is churned, maybe you can take some along to the cally making stall and have the delightful dish which is cally with butter in the well! If this prospect doesn’t delight you, then you an always visit the multitude of stalls selling crafts, tools, vegetables and much more.             A Farmers’ Market is included in this year’s event and many sideshows complete the line up for the Fair Day. Of course, Fair Day in Ballygar is not all about what’s on show or on sale, it’s more about wandering about the town, meeting and greeting friends and neighbours that you haven’t seen for some time and maybe even venturing into one of the many hostelries in the town for some refreshment.             There will be lots of animals for sale on the day, as local farmers bring along some of their livestock to the event, adding to the authenticity of the country fair day in Ballygar. See you there!