‘Apply for Green Cert immediately’ – Macra

Macra na Feirme have encouraged all young farmers in the Roscommon/Longford Teagasc area that need to commence their agricultural education before the September 2016 requirement to comply with the conditions of the new young farmer CAP schemes to apply immediately.

  Macra national president Sean Finan, speaking from the final of the FBD Young Farmer of the Year in Ballina, said: “It’s very important that young farmers register their expression of interest and apply for their Green Cert this week as Teagasc in this region are currently works on the courses they will be delivering in the short term.

  “With the huge demand that’s there, next year is going to be too late to start looking for a green cert if you have to commence your education by September 2016. Young farmers need to apply now.”

  Macra na Feirme have lobbied strongly at a ministerial and Department of Agriculture level for additional teaching resources to deal with the increased demand for green certs and are delighted that 20 additional teaching resources have been granted nationally.

  Mr Finan said: “Teagasc is unique in that it combines advisory, research and education services within the one organisation.

  “This is a model which allows the latest research finding and knowledge be transferred to farmers via advisory and education services.

  “To drive efficiency and to grow our industry output it is vital that all aspects of Teagasc is resourced sufficiently so as that farmers are equipped with the practical skills and information to grow and develop their enterprise.”