Appeal for public to foster or adopt kittens

The Roscommon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Roscommon SPCA) is once again appealing to the people of County Roscommon to please consider fostering or adopting one of the many kittens and young cats being surrendered to them at the moment.

‘Kitten Season’ is in full swing (April to September), and the Roscommon SPCA has already been inundated with reports of very young pregnant cats and very small kittens requiring their care. Just last week, a number of different litters of kittens were surrendered to the Roscommon SPCA – that’s a lot of cats in the space of a few days to find homes for when all the current foster homes are full! One of the litters reported was four beautiful black kittens found on their own beside the canal in Athlone. The kittens are now safely in the care of one the Roscommon SPCA fosterers and have to be hand-reared as they were far too young to be taken from their mother.

The Roscommon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is completely volunteer-based, and they rely solely on the animal fosterers who take care of the animals on their behalf. The Roscommon SPCA takes care of all food, litter, and any medical costs that might arise while the animal is being fostered. If you do not have the time or resources to adopt a pet, perhaps you could foster cats/kittens for a time until they find their forever home?

Roscommon SPCA Foster Homes are filling up fast and the Roscommon SPCA is appealing to people to please consider fostering an animal on their behalf while it awaits adoption. If you think you could offer a cat/s or kitten/s a loving, safe, and secure home, please contact Bridget on 087 0505594 or email

As the Roscommon SPCA is already overrun with litters of kittens being reported as strays and/or unwanted every day, they are also renewing their appeal to everyone throughout the county to please spay/neuter their cat. Even if it’s a stray cat that just wanders in from time to time, please neuter them. It’s just €20 to neuter your cat regardless of your circumstances when you organise it through the Roscommon SPCA. So please contact Bridget in the Roscommon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals today on 087 0505594 to get your cat neutered as soon as possible.