Appeal for greater caution on roads

Senior figures in the local community have pleaded with the people of Roscommon to exercise greater caution when driving following the sad passing of two young men near Roscommon town last Friday morning. Fr. Kevin Fallon, Fr. Dónal Morris, and the principal of Roscommon Community College Mr. Frank Chambers all directly addressed the matter following deaths of Kieran Kelly and Padraig McHugh in a car accident near Roscommon town last Friday morning. In His homily at Mr. McHugh’s funeral mass on Monday, Fr. Dónal Morris urged drivers ‘of all ages’ to ‘make wise choices behind the wheel of a car’ and to ‘think a matter through before taking action.’ ‘When we are young and life seems to revolve around us, there is a tendency to think that horrible accidents and tragedies only happen to other people. Because we are full of energy and life, it’s tempting to think, ‘I’m invincible! Nothing can happen to me!’ and ‘Bad things only happen to other people.’ ‘Sometimes simply stopping to consider the possible consequences of a decision can prevent a tragedy,’ said Fr. Morris. Fr. Kevin Fallon similarly noted that the death of Kieran Kelly – who was loved by everybody – demonstrates that tragic road accidents ‘can happen to anyone’ and said that cars are amongst the most dangerous things we come in contact with in our daily lives.  ‘Cars were Kieran’s best friends and on Thursday night they became his greatest enemy,’ said Fr. Fallon at Kieran’s funeral last Monday. Speaking on Newstalk 106-108 FM last Friday afternoon Mr. Frank Chambers of Roscommon Community College also addressed the issue.  ‘I want people to understand the absolute desperation that people feel when this kind of thing happens,’ he said.