Appeal for dog owners to take action after further sheep attacks



Dog owners in south Roscommon have once again been urged to ensure that pets are kept locked up at night following another suspected attack on lambs in the Kellybrook and Churchboro, Knockcroghery areas on Tuesday night.

  This latest attack follows two suspected savage attacks late on Sunday night in which up to 40 lambs were killed on farms in the area. 

  Cllr. Laurence Fallon has called on local dog owners to take action.

  “There were very serious attacks on Sunday night in which a number of lambs were killed and mauled.Then during Tuesday night there was another attack which left a number of lambs injured. Luckily the farmer heard a commotion and prevented a savage kill but the situation clearly hasn’t been brought under control. Owners need to take responsibility for their pets and keep them locked up at night,” he said.

  Cllr. Fallon added that a large dog was spotted close to the scene on Tuesday night and the authorities have been informed. However, he admitted that warnings hadn’t been heeded following the kills on Sunday night.

  “Warnings haven’t been heeded. It’s most likely the same dogs because it’s too much of a coincidence to have this number of attacks in the same area. The danger is that once a dog becomes attracted to attacking sheep it will continue to do so. People need to keep them under control”.

  Anyone with any information relating to the recent attacks is asked to contact the Gardaí.