Anne Marie’s Mother’s Day Makeover

Mum-of-two, Anne Marie Kelly from Carrowbehy, Castlerea recently met up with the style coach and with the help of Wide  Variety, Galaxy, Carrie Bradshaw and O’Connell’s, all stores located in Harrison Centre, Roscommontown, she underwent the Mary Dolan experience and this week reports on the experience. Autumnal tones for Anne Marie Style coach Mary Dolan recently gave the full style coach treatment to Castlerea woman Anne Marie Kelly and this week she spoke of her experience. ‘I first spoke to Anne Marie on the telephone and she was delighted with her win. Her daughter entered her and she didn’t know a thing about it. ‘We arranged to meet at the Roscommon People office at Harrison Centre. Michelle Hurson came and took the ‘before’ photos. When Anne Marie arrived, she looked like she didn’t need a makeover, but she was dressed in winter season rather than autumn and as soon as she was put into autumn it really lifted her eyes and her hair and skin tone. ‘We went for coffee and I did the usual analysis of body shape and did the colour analysis and I talked about lifestyle and gave her ideas on weight management. I also motivated her on exercise management. ‘After the first hour, we went to Wide Variety. Once again I was absolutely delighted with what they had. She was more interested in getting trousers than skirts. We tried on a few things and some colours were good. The wow factor came when she wore a stone colour three-piece suit. I just felt that it would be very wearable and she really could carry off this colour and not an awful lot of people can. As soon as she put that on I could see that it lifted her skin tone. ‘Her hair was in winter season. It had a lot of red tones that did nothing for her eyes and skin tone. We made an appointment with Galaxy and Attracta looked after us, I felt Attracta did a really good job. She did exactly what I asked for, autumn colours, the base was brown with copper highlights that picked up the colour of her eyes. She blow-dried her hair straight just for a change. ‘I also gave Anne Marie some make-up advice and that was it. We accessorised the outfit by going to Carrie Bradshaw and getting beautiful gold shoes and bag to match. The accessories and jewellery came from O’Connell’s. I really felt the huge piece of jewellery was really good on her and she could wear it. Make-up and nails were also done at Galaxy.’ ‘At the end of the makeover Anne Marie said it was just the lift she needed. She was very motivated to get out there and move on. She seemed to have more of a get-up-and-go when we had finished.’ No more black and white Six weeks after she completed her mother’s day makeover, Anne Marie Kelly is putting the advice she received from style coach Mary Dolan to very good use.  She carries her colour swatches everywhere with her, just in case there’s a shopping opportunity and she’s also determined to ditch the black and white colours she was so fond of. ‘I really enjoyed the experience, Vicky entered me for the competition. I found Mary’s advice very good. I was wearing the wrong colours. I was dressed in black and white, colours which I should never wear. In the six weeks since the makeover, I found what when I am going shopping, I bring in the colour samples, I found the advice brilliant. Anne Marie was also very impressed with the work of Attracta in Galaxy. ‘The hairdresser Attracta was very good at her job and Mary’s advice on make up was also very good, particularly her tips on mascara.’ ‘The staff in Wide Variety were also great. They were popping in and out throughout the day to see how the makeover turned out. We got the shoes in Carrie Bradshaw and borrowed the jewellery from O’Connell’s. ‘I enjoyed the day and felt at home with Mary, there were no nerves. The advice was good. Even last week when I went shopping, I bought green and red, whereas I would always have gone straight for black. ‘In terms of my hair colour, I would have had a red tinge in my hair, but it was drawing the colour from me and it was only when she put in the copper and gold that I could see the colour lift.’ Anne Marie didn’t choose to keep the outfit she wore for the photo shoot, opting for a voucher for Wide Variety instead. However, she has taken on board Mary’s advice in terms of colours. ‘It was a lovely experience. I just carry the colour fabrics. That goes in my handbag and if I change the handbag I just throw that in.: So, what’s next for Anne Marie? Well, a good wardrobe clearout was the first thing on the menu after being with the style coach, and now that there’s lots of room in the wardrobe and armed with her colour swatches, you can watch out for Anne Marie at a shop near you! Concluding, Anne Marie paid tribute to everyone involved in the makeover and thanked them for their work. ‘Thanks to everyone, I really enjoyed it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ Her last word was for her two daughters Vicky (12) and Adrianna (7), who she said can’t wait to see the pictures of her makeover!