Alternative Confirmation gifts they’ll love to receive



It’s Confirmation season, in case you hadn’t noticed folks, and readers across the county will be preparing for their family member’s special day. And, if your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or even your friendly neighbour has invited you to be a part of their celebrations or to attend an after-ceremony gathering, we’re sure that you’ll wish to bring along an appropriate gift or token. Now, as buying a present for what is essentially a teenager can prove tricky, (well, we bet you were a choosy so and so at that age too), we’ve put together a few alternative ideas we think you might like to consider.

  A fashion photoshoot: Now that’s a different and innovative gift. Why not book and pay for a local photographer to either do a studio shoot or a home shoot of the Confirmation boy/girl to keep forever. It would certainly be something for them to look back on with a smile when they hold their 21st.

  A piece of jewellery: A gift such as a watch, a bracelet or a necklace would be appreciated by most teens. You may want to check with their parents first.

  Gift voucher: Every kid loves a pizza or fries and burgers, etc., so why not gift them a voucher for their favourite takeaway; or, better still, for a sit-down meal where they can take a special pal along for a treat.

  Many kids may find the build-up to their Confirmation a bit hectic. Mam may be fussing over the length of her precious son’s trouser hem, or she may have an issue with her darling daughter wanting to put on a bit of mascara for her big day. And, believe it or not, small though these issues may seem to you and me, to an image-conscious teen they can be huge, and they may cause them stress; so what about giving them a gift voucher for a day out at the local bowling alley, followed by a trip to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster movie. We’re sure that’s one cool stress-busting gesture they’ll appreciate.

  Another option: splurge out on an ice cream van to arrive at the venue and dole out sweet treats and cones to his/her guests. Yum.

  Look, whether you brighten up their day with a few colourful Confirmation balloons, a tasty cake, a keepsake book or a photo frame, we’re absolutely sure the recipient will treasure your thoughtful gift forever.