Ah go on, go on, go on…and spoil Roscommon’s ‘First Ladies’ this Sunday!




If you haven’t yet managed to select that special gift in order to not only pay tribute to, but show that inspirational maternal goddess in your life, (she-who-constantly-ferries-food-from-oven-to-table-for-you), just how much you appreciate her and all she’s done, we suggest you get a move on!

  Here’s five more top gifts ideas…


A novel hamper


Remember, showing your mum how much you love her doesn’t have to cost the earth. So, if you’re on a budget, and who isn’t, we’re sure she’d love a scented candle, bathrobe and slippers hamper; and, if you pair this gift with her favourite breakfast in bed, well, you’ll never again have to iron a pair of trousers or a skirt!


The personal touch…


Now, we all know the quintessential (and much parodied) Irish mammy spends her time panicking about the immersion being left on, what the neighbours will think, and how, when all seems lost, the humble cup of tea can cure everything. So, this Sunday, why not present her with a hamper made up of a personalised Roscommon’s Best Mammy mug, (make sure to include her name), a tea towel, artisan tea and choccies, shortbread biccies, scones and jams, etc. Use your imagination; you know this woman best. You’ve got a couple of days to run ‘round the local shops and pick up all the items she loves, then have them beautifully wrapped in a hamper before heading to the florist and choosing a bouquet of her favourite blooms or a potted plant she can admire and smile at, as she drinks her tea from the mug you, her wonderful child, bought her. Aaah!




Another great option is a piece of jewellery. There are plenty of jewellers dotted across the county, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an appropriate (and expensive, because she’s worth it), necklace, pair of earrings, or a bracelet, etc., for the woman who still washes and irons your clothes…even though you’re pushing 40!


A tasty option


If your mammy enjoys a little tipple, then a bottle of wine will be very welcome. However, instead of grabbing her usual signature brand, (the one that works perfectly with the stew), this year, put a bit of thought into it and select something that challenges her taste buds. It’ll not only be the perfect gift, it’ll also impress her how much you’ve given her the opportunity to explore that new taste experience she’s been going on, and on, about.


A trip away…


Speaking of new experiences…there’s still time to go to the travel agents and book Roscommon’s fun-loving First Lady on a wine-tasting tour where mammy can acquaint herself with gourmet foods/cheeses and learn how to pair them up with the perfect wines…in addition, she can get a relaxing trip away from you lot into the bargain.