Agri-Food Regulator up and running soon – IFA

IFA President Tim Cullinan has welcomed the announcement of the new Agri-Regulator Board and the start date of the Agri-Food Regulator.

“It has been a long campaign to get this established,” he said. “Wednesday, December 13th will be a significant day in working towards the rebalancing of the food supply chain.

“This new State body tasked with regulating the food supply chain, An Rialálaí Agrabhia, will play a very important role in bringing fairness back into our food supply chain and level the playing pitch in negotiations between farmers, processors and retailers”.

Former IFA President Joe Healy will chair the Board and Tim Cullinan wished him well in his work. In conjunction with her new role as CEO of the Agri Regulator, Niamh Lenehan will continue as Head of Unfair Trading Practices Enforcement Authority.

This is an important role in ensuring that food retailers, food processors and all those involved in buying food produce from farmers comply with the unfair trading practices directive.

IFA look forward to engaging with Niamh Lenehan on behalf of farmers, in particular those in the fresh produce sectors, who are so reliant on the retail sector. IFA said that the number of fruit and vegetable growers has been in decline for the past 20 years due to margin pressures exerted on growers from the top of the food chain.

“The new Agri Food Regulator will represent all producers of food, but this sector is on the brink of non-viability and needs immediate attention in order to retain grower numbers and fresh produce production in Ireland,” said Mr Cullinan.