After a chaotic term in office, Boris finally leaves the stage

He thought his eccentricity and so-called charisma would allow him to sail through one scandal after another – it worked well for him in the past – but now, the Boris Johnson era has, at last, come to an end.  Whew! Perhaps we can finally repair what Micheál Martin describes as our “strained and challenged” relationship with the Brits concerning the post-Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol.

Last week, the laws of gravity finally caught up with the disgraced British PM when his knowledge of sexual misconduct allegations against Tory MP/deputy chief whip Chris Pincher proved to be one scandal too many, essentially leading to his downfall.

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up, Pincher quit his post in disgrace amid allegations he ‘drunkenly groped two men at a private club’, (other allegations have also emerged). Claims were made that his boss Boris, despite being aware of these transgressions, rather than doing the right thing and investigating them, instead promoted him; a move which clearly gave power to an alleged abuser.

I’d love to be a fly on ‘Dancing Queen’ Theresa May’s wall when she heard the man who’d helped engineer her own downfall back in 2019 had finally met his Waterloo when, following a raft of resignations from ministerial ranks, critics demanded Johnson quit his role as the country’s leader. Given the way he’d condemned her own Brexit proposals, allegedly using  crude terminology such as ‘bog roll Brexit’ likening the process to “polishing a turd”, if I were May, I’d not so much be plunging the knife into Boris’s fizz-up, I’d be gripping that handle and twisting it! Metaphorically speaking of course…

Even so, while this may be the long goodbye, (he intends to hang around for a bit), the good news is BoJo, the master of the inconsistent narrative, will soon be no more! Boo hoo, a leader betrayed, nay ousted, in his prime. I’ll bet he’s only waiting on a call from those talented country music folks begging to weave his tale of woe into some chart-toppin’ hit!

Mind you, it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice how, during his pseudo ‘resignation’ speech, rather than referring to the stream of scandals which have rocked his tenure, Johnson refused to take responsibility for his downfall, and instead haphazardly stitched together an itinerary of pathetic excuses, blaming the “herd instinct” in Westminster for his demise. But sure what else could we expect from a man whose modus operandi has historically been to obfuscate, deny, deflect, omit and mislead?

One has to wonder what Johnson’s third wife, public relations expert Carrie Symonds – often (possibly unfairly) dubbed ‘Lady Macbeth’ and ‘Carrie Antoinette’ due to her alleged meddling in government decision-making – thinks about her husband’s dishonour and demotion?

Will the reportedly ‘luxury-loving’ former ‘first lady’ and ‘influential figure’ who once entertained plans to build a ‘£150,000 treehouse, complete with bulletproof glass for her son at Chequers’, (a structure deemed to be more expensive than many British homes), decide to run for office herself? It’s a fair assumption, given she’s been described as being her husband’s ‘de facto chief of staff,’ which roughly means that some (probably jealous misogynists) believe Mrs Johnson may have enjoyed an unauthorised, unelected role in governing the UK without having the confines of ever being held accountable!

On some level I feel a bit sorry for Carrie; after all, she is married to a mendacious man who has consistently shown a lack of judgement, and who recklessly and flagrantly violated the rules concerning Covid that he himself set out for the country. Not to mention he’s also a man who thanked “all of my children” – the exact number of which remains unclear – during his resignation speech. To that end, (given his much publicised philandering), as BoJo’s probably, (in my opinion), not a keeper, perhaps it may be timely for Carrie to consider instructing her solicitor to scan the marriage certificate to look for a loophole that’ll set her free! In short love, get out before his musty stench of defeat sticks to you!

What can I say Boris…other than them’s the breaks hon!


Banning sale of turf while flying business class? The optics are not good, Eamon!

I know we’re experiencing an ecological crisis, but I have a question. Could it be construed that  Environment Minister Eamon Ryan’s daft, sorry draft proposal to restrict the sale of turf, including a ban on newspaper, social media and online advertisements, provide us with clear evidence he is losing the, er, plot? Only joking!

I didn’t vote for the man who insisted, “We won’t put your granny in prison for burning turf” because while I’m certainly environmentally friendly, I’m no tree-hugging woo-woo stick-waver, (sincere apologies to those who are).

That said, I do feel sorry for Eamon (sometimes) because when it comes to criticism, he has kind of become the easy mark! However, given his untimely and out-of-touch so-called ‘life-saving’ and ‘workable’ proposals regarding the ban on advertising the sale of turf, he has no-one else to blame but himself for his unpopularity!

While most people agree (me included), that we must meet our climate goals, it cannot be ignored that with inflation rising through the roof, now is definitely not the time for the ‘jolly green giant’ to penalise rural Ireland (especially those with no other method of heating their homes), by banning the commercial sale of turf.

Perhaps next time they’re ‘lording it up’ flying  business class, (premium airline seats) to international state visits, all courtesy of the same taxpayers affected by the turf sale ban, the Grinch, sorry Green party,  might use the time to devise more practical and doable solutions to this burning (pardon the pun) issue? I’m not flight-shaming the Greens, (I am really) but wouldn’t the ‘party which has led the way in climate politics for over 40 years’, be better served if it  considered the fact that the emissions of global aviation run to approximately a reported one billion tons of CO2 per year?

Now I’m no scientist, but I’m sure that equates to a significantly higher carbon footprint than burning, oh I don’t know, a bit of turf! The optics are not good, Minister!


May heroic Archie rest in peace

I wish I had the words to lighten the agony of beautiful and inspirational angel Archie Naughton’s parents Paula and Padraic and his brothers George and Isaac, but I don’t. Nobody does, because this incredibly brave family is now, quite clearly, going through what I’d imagine to be the most traumatic and painful experience anyone can go through.

They’ve lost their boy, their ‘adored, irreplaceable’ eldest son and ‘much-loved brother’ and all anyone can do at this time is offer them our sincere sympathies and our full support as they navigate through a difficult-to-bear journey of grief.

Archie was a true hero who displayed an incredible lust for life. Indeed it was clear, given the many social media posts I read on the family’s ‘Join Our Boys’ Facebook page, that this young man had a persistent determination to bear and to beat the condition which cruelly robbed him of his young life.

I’d like to join the rest of Roscommon and indeed Ireland in expressing my sincere condolences to the Naughton family. It’s clear your precious boy’s remarkable strength and undeniable fighting spirit has touched so many lives. May his legacy live on and may he rest in peace.