Adams visits Boyle

  The Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was the first of the major party leaders to hit the campaign trail in County Roscommon when he joined local candidate Martin Kenny on a walkabout in the town of Boyle yesterday morning (Wednesday).   Mr. Adams told The Roscommon People after he visited the local Feeleystone premises and talked to the workers there that he was very encouraged with the response that he was getting in general to Sinn Fein and to Martin Kenny in Roscommon/South Leitrim.   ‘Martin Kenny is an excellent candidate and he will surprise a lot of people in this election. He is going to do very well and remember there is a long way to go in this campaign yet’ the Sinn Fein President said.   ‘He’s the only Kenny worth voting for in this election!’ he quipped to the amusement of the Sinn Fein workers present.   In terms of local issues Mr. Adams says that jobs, health and infrastructure were the priorities.   ‘I have just passed the now-closed Green Isle factory and we all know that the famous Donegal Catch brand is now being processed elsewhere and that is sad’ he said   ‘People are suffering because of our two-tier health system and rural re-generation is something that is simply not happening’ he told me.   ‘Despite what we hear about rural development the Government have not being paying attention to rural areas. Look at the way this constituency and Co. Leitrim in particular was carved up. It was simply not acceptable and I suspect that it was done to stop the growth of Sinn Fein in this region’ he continued.   On a general theme Gerry Adams told the Roscommon People that he has not set a target for the number of seats that the pary are aiming to win in the election. ‘We are fighting hard for every seat and we expect to do very well but it is a dangerous thing to set targets’ he said.   ‘We are going in to Stormont next week with five ministers and it’s a measure of just how successful we were with the peace process and we are very proud of that achievement’ he says.   ‘We would like to be in Government here in the south too and although we cannot get every vote, we want people to give us twos and threes if they won’t give us a number one which is what we want.   ‘We will not go into Government after this election for the sake of it. We have to agree a programme with parties that will guarantee a continuation with the peace process and one that will set as the main target the United Ireland as well as all the other things that we need including a proper health service and we will not agree with one cent going towards any privatisation of the health service in any way’ he continued.   ‘If there are parties out there that want to join with us   and share our aims then that’s’ fine but we will have to see when the votes are counted. In the meantime we will fight this election on our record north and south’ Mr. Adams concluded before he continued his walkabout in the sunshine prior to heading on to Carrick-on-Shannon.