Acupuncture can help

In this busy, stressed world we live in, most of us miss the telltale signs of illness, stress, digestive problems, backache, arthritis, insomnia, to name but a few. Acupuncture can help alleviate these symptoms. As a holistic treatment, acupuncture takes the whole person into consideration – not just specific parts of the body, so each treatment is designed specificually for you – the patient.  Anne Farrell, Acup. lic., is an acupuncture therapist based in Rathnew, Oran. Accupuncture can help treat a variety of disorders from anaemia and dizziness to tinnitus and menstrual problems. Treatments are conducte4d in a very relaxed atmosphere with the use of aromatic candles and soft music, making it an ideal environment for healing to take place. She will be among the exhibitors at Saturday’s RosWIN Fair in the Royal Hotel. Anne can be contacted at (087) 6358478 or