Action taken over traffic accidents at Rathcroghan NS

 A number of serious traffic accidents in the vicinity of Rathcroghan NS has prompted the putting in place of a traffic calming scheme in the vicinity of the school.             In the six months from January to June, there were three serious accidents in the vicinity of the school which highlighted the need for improvements, especially in the vicinity of the school itself. The decision to establish a traffic-calming scheme at Rathcroghan NS was welcomed this week by Deputy Denis Naughten.             Now Roscommon County Council is proposing to provide a special school speed limit, on a pilot basis at Rathcroghan NS. If this speed reduction measure is considered to be effective, special school speed limits will be considered, subject to the approval of the NRA, at other schools on the national road network in the county.             ‘While Rathcroghan may be the most dangerous location in the county, it is by no means the only location, where children are taking their lives in their hands on a daily basis,’ said Deputy Denis Naughten.             ‘I now hope that this pilot scheme at Rathcroghan School is introduced quickly, and that it is found to be a success, thereby ensuring that it is extended to other schools throughout the county," concluded Denis Naughten.