‘A well-managed 3 or 4 star hotel!’



Paradub’s big plans for Shannon Key West Hotel


One of the potential new owners of the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey has vowed to transform the facility into a “well-managed three or four star hotel”. Experienced hotelier John Glynn was speaking at a public meeting in Rooskey Community Centre on Tuesday night.

  The directors of Paradub Ltd., who are potential investors in the Shannon Key West Hotel, called Tuesday night’s public meeting in an effort to dispel recent rumours that the venue would be used as a centre for asylum seekers. The current owner, James Kiernan, had denied the ongoing rumours and during an interview with Shannonside FM earlier on Tuesday had confirmed that he intends to complete the sale to Paradub Ltd.

  A crowd of more than 200 people attended Tuesday’s meeting at which members of the public raised a number of questions around the rumours and Paradub’s plans for the facility. The potential investors acknowledged that a fresh application had been made by an unnamed party to procure the hotel for use as a centre for asylum seekers but they assured the public that they were confident of getting their deal “over the line” and reopening the facility as a hotel.

  Local TD Eugene Murphy, who played a part in facilitating meetings with the potential investors 14 months ago, believes the sale will be completed soon, having spoken to current owner, James Kiernan.

  “I believe the lads are very genuine in what they are doing and I think the icing on the cake was when they introduced John Glynn to me in Dublin. If we can get John Glynn on this project, this village is going to take off. This man has a fantastic reputation”.

  Deputy Murphy went on to say that while an application to procure the hotel as a centre for asylum seekers had been received, the current owner confirmed that he would sell the property as a hotel.

  Paradub Ltd. directors, businessman Phelim O’Neill, solicitor Ashton Doherty and hotelier John Glynn, said that they were keen to complete the deal in order to open as soon as possible.

  Mr. Glynn, who has a great deal of experience in the hospitality sector, having worked as General Manager at The Regency and City West Hotels, said he had plans to expand the hotel from 38 rooms to 70. He added that the reopening of the hotel could create up to 30 new jobs for the area.

  “Our plan is to get it up and running, put in an (planning) application and get the support of residents to expand the hotel because it is on the Shannon. The local councillors and TDs that I’ve spoken to seem very keen to row in with support”.

  Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice said he hoped that the re-opening of the hotel would have a positive knock-on effect for the rest of the community.

  “I think we need to look at the positives here. You’re coming into a community with festivals, with different committees – an enthusiastic town that is fighting constantly to do good in their area. I think that’s a great positive for you.

  “John Glynn is from five miles over the road from me and he has made his name countrywide and he is well recognised”.

  Deputy Fitzmaurice highlighted the success of Neven Maguire’s guesthouse and restaurant in Blacklion, Co. Cavan as a possible blueprint for success before offering his support.

  “If it’s ten jobs or five jobs to start with then that’s ten more people that’s not going to Dublin or England and that’s what we need to look at above all things”.