A star that seemed to just fall from the sky! (And the 2 Johnnies)





A dazzling star, one that took our breath away at the weekend!

You’ve been watching wall to wall rugby, haven’t you? Or better still, were you at all the Roscommon Intermediate Football Championship games? Have we a new Davy Clifford? Tell me, tell me!


This new star you’re on about…this star that “took our breath away” last weekend…what or who did I miss?

A star like none we’ve ever seen before…well, not in decades, at least.


A star that seemed to come from nowhere, that seemed to just fall from the sky!

Ah! I have it! I heard about that daft story at Portmarnock beach!


The big hole that appeared on the beach…and Virgin Media did a news report, speculating that it had been created by a meteorite! That’s the star that ‘fell from the sky’ that you’re talking about!


…only problem is, no meteorite had crashed into the beach at Portmarnock, it turned out that two (big) lads had just dug a big hole there the previous day!

ACTUALLY, I was talking about the arrival of Patrick Kielty! What a star! The brightest to hit our screens since Gaybo himself!

Oh, okay! Didn’t see the Late Late myself!

(They pause to usher some butterflies out of their respective houses)


NO! Tell me all about it!

Mr Kielty was excellent!

Had he an amazing line-up of guests?

Well, ahem…


Well, he officially became the first Late Late Show host to prevent Hector from taking over!

Good! So Paddy kept all under control, and no guest talked too much?

Well, Tommy Tiernan was there…

Any A-listers?

Yes! The 2 Johnnies!

Oh dear!

(They pause to update their record of Late Late Show appearances, moving Hector, Tommy and the 2 Johnnies above Diarmuid Gavin, but still well behind runaway leaders Dermot Bannon and Jason Byrne)

Mary McAleese was on too, and Laurita Blewitt. They were excellent!


Laurita even gave Roscommon-Mayo Hospice a good mention!

Brilliant! So Mr Kielty did well?

A very solid debut!

And the 2 Johnnies were…. bearable?

Not too bad! Actually, they’re starting a new TV series, based in a pub!


Yes! The concept is two daft characters who are too fond of their own voices will ramble on about any old rubbish in their local pub – on the assumption that the public will find it entertaining!

(Editor: It will never work!)