A rural fightback in lovely Roscommon? Count this proud Dub in!

It’s no secret that County Roscommon has faced, and still is facing, challenging times, with some government representatives, (not all, most do amazing work and stand loyally by those who voted for them, actively pursuing local issues), and national government departments and ministers making tough…oh strike the word ‘tough’ what they’re doing is making disgraceful, shameless and downright unfair decisions and cuts around facilities and funding!

  These actions led to job losses, business closures and scores of young, talented people emigrating away from this county, taking their skills elsewhere. However, what the big-wig grandees in their fancy pensionable, ‘I’m alright Jack’ jobs have failed to destroy throughout this lovely county is morale, commitment, pride and passion and for that reason, this week, I’m supporting, if I may, our committed editor’s pledge to fight back with this newspaper’s ‘People, Places & Possibilities’ campaign in support of rural towns and villages.

  Now I know I’m what some have labelled…’a blow-in,’ but sure I’ve been called worse, and of course I am a proud North Dubliner, and always will be, but I love it here; myself and the lucky man who has the privilege of being manacled to me, God help him, have made this county our home and have never been happier; so I s’pose you’re kinda stuck with me and I’d like to stand side by side with you and fight the good fight…and, as anyone whose been silly enough to take me on in the past will know, when it comes to standing up for justice and equality, I’m a formidable aul wagon, a tenacious  diva, whom, once committed to a cause, will take the battle right through to the bitter end. Don’t believe me? Try me, g’wan I dare ya.

  You see folks, this is why I love writing for this local newspaper; it’s the commitment, it’s the faithfulness, it’s the devotion and it’s the everlasting bond it has when supporting its readers, and, essentially its community.   This is why I enjoyed reading Paul Healy’s impromptu interview with Roscommon Council CEO Eugene Cummins whom apparently has a fabulous office by all accounts in the new 6,674 square metre building that financially hard-pressed people of Roscommon – me included – are funding. My first thought was, that’s luxuriously spacious; isn’t it well for him and his colleagues, I mean, why won’t a modern office cubicle do them? It’s good enough for the rest of us. Sure prisoners incarcerated in cells probably have more space and privacy… taxpayers are funding that privilege too, I might add.

  But I digress. And sure Mr. Cummins has made a pledge that this new building is “saying something positive,” and, importantly, will “focus on community development and enterprise as well as Roscommon’s heritage, culture and tourism,” and that’s definitely a step in the right direction towards encouraging those who have left the area to come home, and those who may be thinking of relocating to do what we did and just do it. We had no safety net, we had no plan and no finances…what a pair of eejits I hear you say; but we took a leap of faith, which at first, personally impaired my own mental health due to lack of job opportunities and loneliness but, feisty, determined aul bint that I am, I stuck it out and I’m glad that I did because Roscommon has so many undiscovered and untapped possibilities and resources. Given Mr. Cummins’ comments I have no doubt he’s a man who’ll be true to his word and will work to “put the heart back into our towns and villages.” Well done Sir, I’m intrigued and look forward to hearing more.

Cooke – Pirate and Paedophile

Eamon Cooke, or, as I knew him in my teens, the radical, rebel, radio DJ ‘Captain Cooke’, who played amazing tunes, was both a pirate and, unknown to us back then, a dirty, perverted, and finally convicted paedophile. He died two weeks ago without fully atoning for his atrocious crimes against young innocents.

  This vile piece of excrement has now been linked to the disappearance and murder of little Philip Cairns, who vanished without trace on October 23, 1986. I remember Philip’s mammy coming into an office where I worked on Baggot Street asking if I’d put a ‘missing’ poster in the window. I took a stack of them and spent my lunch-time handing them out to passers-by. I was heartbroken for this poor woman, this fellow mother – my eldest was a toddler back then. This week, as compelling information regarding Philip’s case was revealed, once again my thoughts, prayers and tears are with his family and the cross they must bear.

  Well done to the person who found the inner strength to, at last, come forward. To Cooke, I hope you’re rotting in the fiery pits of flaming hell; you twisted, filthy, despicable deviant.

You’ll never beat the Irish

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of football, in fact, I don’t do sports…except to say that when Ireland qualify for the Euros I’m the big blubbering scanger from the block dressed head to toe in green, white and orange, singing Ooooleee, Ole, Ole, Ole and whinging like a two-year-old toddler.

  It’s a matter of national pride and something most people will understand. This week, the house is a shrine to shabby chic with tricolours hanging out of every orifice and those that are too large stand proud, floor to ceiling, in my porch. I apologise to my fabulous neighbours.

  My car has window stickers and flags and my uniform for the duration will be a selection of Ireland t-shirts…much to hubby’s amusement – I say amusement, what I mean is, bewilderment; but he’s wise enough to let me at it; bless him. However, my support, which is aimed at our team, is really more for those amazing Irish fans who are true feelgood ambassadors for our country. They’re doing us immensely proud, keeping their wits and good humour about them, mingling with other nations and soaking up the atmosphere when all around…and I’m talking about the small minority of English and Russian fans, okay, hoodlums, appear to be hell-bent on causing bloody mayhem; giving their fellow countrymen and women a wholly undeserved bad reputation.

  Our own top cop, Garda Superintendent Gerry Delmar, who’s leading a team of eight Gardaí at the football tournament, has nothing but praise for our supporters; this, folks, is why you’ll never beat the Irish. I’m so proud of them. I’ll bet Garda Delmar’s English and Russian counterparts are green with envy…pun intended! French officials should deport those brawlers hell-bent on destroying the spirit of the event, with immediate effect. Round them up and ship them out and let the true supporters from all countries, get on with it!