A lot Dunning, more to do! (And that invading robotic lawnmower)

Nice weather… surprising!

NOT surprising… it was forecast!

That’s not what I read…


I understood there was another one of those ‘storms with a name’ on the way…

No, no… we’re out of that season…

Are we ever?!

Anyways, there was nothing about ‘one of those storms with a name’ being on the way…

I thought when I glanced at my smartphone there was a warning about an incoming storm that might cause some turmoil once its full force was felt…


I did! Let me think… oh yeah, was it Daniel? Storm Daniel?

Oh dear…


I think you mean Stormy Daniels!

That was it!

Stormy Daniels was due to give evidence in a trial involving former US President Donald Trump! She’s the ‘adult industry actress’ who claims she was paid hush money after a ‘dalliance’ with Trump, which he denies. THAT’S what you read!

Sorry, sometimes I just glance at the headlines and browse for a moment!


(They pause to check if Bambi Thug has qualified for the Eurovision Final, and if Paris Saint-Germain have qualified for the Champions League final; yes, and no…)


What a win for our U-20 footballers last weekend!

Brilliant! Dunning’s heroes are gunning for glory! The Connacht title is Dunning and dusted!

Oh leave the puns to the Editor!

A lot Dunning, more to do! That’s a reference to this Saturday’s semi-final!

Yeah, yeah… enough puns, already!

Anyways, a brilliant win against Galway, and a great few days overall for our GAA teams. The U-20 hurlers are in an All-Ireland final!

Yes, and our minor footballers won… again!

And our ladies football team won, and even overcame a pitch invader!


One of those robotic lawnmowers interrupted their game last weekend!


Yes! Roscommon ladies were playing Sligo in Cootehall, and next thing ‘Larry the Lawnmower’ invaded the pitch! The referee stopped play… acting quickly and decisively!

Wow! That’s what I need!

What? To be more decisive?

No! An automatic lawnmower. There’s warm weather forecast…

As opposed to your silly Storm(y) Daniel(s)?

Okay, okay… it means I have no excuse: I simply have to mow the lawn! Any idea where I could get a good automatic lawnmower?

Just ask the folks in Cootehall! Their one seems to do its basic job, AND volunteer to make tactical switches in GAA matches! It’s the ultimate GAA grassroots member…!