A letter from Santa…

Dear children of Roscommon,

Hello boys and girls! I trust you’re all keeping safe and doing your very best to stay on my ‘Nice’ list this year.

December is finally here and things are getting pretty crazy up here in the North Pole! The elves are busy in the workshop, doing excellent work as always. We had to build an extension to the workshop this year to allow for social distancing but the elves were very patient while the work was going on.

The reindeer are keen to get going too and we have had a few practice flights across Europe over the last few weeks, passing Ireland on the night of your famous Toy Show! The skies were very quiet so I’m sure you were all at home watching Ryan Tubridy (Nice list) and all the wonderful children involved in the show.

Mrs. Claus (Nice list) and I decided to put up our Christmas decorations early this year, as the nights up here in Lapland can be cold and dark. Untangling the lights for the tree is the one Christmas job that makes me grumpy…so I paid the elves a Christmas bonus to do it this year!

While I don’t like untangling the lights, I do love switching them on…and so I was delighted to be asked to flick the switch for Roscommon town recently. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person but due to Covid restrictions, the reindeer and I must isolate before making our worldwide trip this year.

Speaking of Covid, I know that this has been another difficult year and that some of you have had to miss out on school and sports, and visiting family and friends. You are not alone…I have received letters from all over the world from boys and girls who are worried too. Let me tell you that Mrs. Claus (Nice list) and I are so proud of how brave you have all been, and the reindeer and I are looking forward to visiting you on Christmas Eve.

Also, before I forget, for those of you who haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to post your letters! You can even send them in to the kind people at the Roscommon People (Mostly ‘Nice’ list) and they will pass them on to me and maybe even publish some of them! You can send them to ‘Letters for Santa, The Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon’ or you can even email them to news@roscommonpeople.ie.

I’m sure, just like me, you can’t wait for Christmas to come around. I must say that you have all been very good these past months so keep up the great work! Keep doing your homework, helping around the house, and being kind to family and friends…and I’ll be there before you know it!

See you soon,

Santa Claus

P.S. Mrs. Claus (Nice list) has me on this special diet so that I can fit into my suit. But she’s staying at the North Pole this Christmas Eve…so please leave out plenty of cookies!