‘A Hurl for every girl’ campaign is launched in Athleague!

‘A Hurl for every girl’, a campaign to encourage young people to remain in sport, was launched by Athleague Camogie Club in conjunction with main sponsor Ward and Burke Construction recently.

Ward and Burke Construction are strong believers in gender equality, and the company actively recruits, promotes, and encourages women to see past old stereotypes and realise their true potential in a predominantly male employment sector of construction.

Michael Ward, a former sportsman himself, believes in how invaluable playing a team sport is for young people, and for young girls in particular. Along with building character and resilience, it gives focus and direction at times in life when it is needed most, lifelong friendships are forged, and opportunities are opened up.

  The campaign has also received welcome support from global leaders Aurivo and Kepak as well as local dairy farmers.

All three companies offer graduate programmes, and this is where Athleague Camogie Club comes in. The club wants to encourage girls to look to these companies as career options, to promote rural Ireland and the local community. Girls are encouraged to see the bigger picture; these jobs are not just for males, and the potential of young women within these organisations is limitless.

Local dairy farmers have also joined the initiative to help promote rural jobs, and to encourage girls to see farming as a viable option for them and to encourage growth and sustainability of the family farm.

Athleague Camogie Club is part of a rural community and members believe it is vital for the community’s survival and prosperity that young women can stay in their local area if they choose to. Keeping the community vibrant helps everyone not just its local sports clubs.

The new initiative will see each primary school girl (116 students) in the club’s catchment area receive a hurl and sliothar to encourage them to take up the noble sport of camogie and develop skills such as teamwork, resilience and courage.

Senior Athleague club members, supported by the hard-working executive including Treasurer Miriam Killian, will hand deliver the hurls and sliothars to younger players at the end of this month with further information on how to join the club.

Athleague Camogie has always received wonderful support from the local community, including farmers and businesses and the club has gone from strength to strength in recent years with a number of underage and senior titles.

The support of main sponsor Ward and Burke Construction since 2018 has helped to progress the promotion of the game in the club’s catchment area, which includes Creggs, Fuerty, Athleague and Ballymurray National Schools.

Athleague Camogie is also grateful for the support it has received from other local clubs including Athleague Hurling Club, Tremane, Fuerty and Creggs Rugby, who have offered the use of pitches and facilities.