A guide to Dublin for Rossies…

New destinations can be tricky to navigate but fear not, the Roscommon People is here to provide travel tips to those of you travelling to Croke Park this Sunday for the National League semi-final.

  Dublin is located at the very end of the M6; if you arrive in Galway you’ve gone the wrong way.

 The county’s main exports are Guinness and Bono (the future saint).

  Some of you have been to Dublin before no doubt, but travelling to the northside in April carries different challenges to travelling to Grafton Street on December 8th.

  Firstly, if travelling by train you will arrive at Heuston Station, which is still a good distance from Croke Park. You may need to jump on a bus or two or hail a taxi. Luckily, bus prices in Dublin are far cheaper than those between Roscommon and Carrick-on-Shannon and you should have plenty of change out of €10.

  When it comes to the local lingo, Dublin people or ‘Dubs’ as they’re known have a unique dialect. “Story bud” loosely translates as “well buck” while “deadly buzz” is the equivalent of “sound”.

  If you are planning on drinking alcohol or eating food in a Dublin establishment or even requesting a glass of tap water, prepare to pay.

  A pint of Guinness can cost about €6 while food will require a Credit Union loan and tap water is probably the same as a pint of Guinness in Roscommon.

  The people of Dublin are quite friendly but do enjoy ‘slagging matches’ which loosely translates as making fun of each other for entertainment. Please don’t take anything too personally, and the best response is usually to laugh and poke fun back.

  Finally, don’t worry if it rains for the rest of the week. Dublin’s home venue is well drained and should be passed by Sunday’s referee or members of the Central Competitions Control Committee. Enjoy your stay at the home of Sam Maguire and don’t be surprised if Dublin fans are roaring the Rossies on this weekend.