€60,000 needed for new Strokestown playground

A campaign to raise €60,000 to build a playground in Strokestown was recently launched at two premises in the town, the Percy French Hotel and Bank of Ireland.

  Significant progress has already been made: a site has been acquired, paid for by Strokestown Community Development Association, and planning permission has been granted.

  Tuam-based ‘Go Plan’ are lined up to undertake the construction work.

  However, €60,000 is now required to put the facility in place.

  Cllr. Eugene Murphy, who is chairperson of the association, said that it would be a “big challenge” to raise the funds, but he was confident it could be done.

  “I have no doubt the people of this general Strokestown region are up to the challenge,” he said.

  “One thousand envelopes are being distributed throughout the region. People can place a donation in the envelope to support the project and, if they wish, put the name on the envelope.

  “All donations will be recorded and any member of the public will be able to view his/her contribution in our office.”

  Cllr. Murphy also said that it was hoped that Roscommon County Council and the Government would partly fund the project, which, provided it comes to fruition, would be a huge bonus to the area.

  He added: “We have a fantastic team on board: young couples with young families who are really looking forward to this project coming together.

  “When complete, this playground will be available to all the young people from the region and, most importantly, it will be the people’s playground.

  “If people do not wish to make a contribution to the envelope system, they can call to our development association office and arrange to make a payment our treasurer, Shane Lynskey.

  “A number of other fundraisers are set to be organised and I can tell you some of those will be most interesting.”