‘5-year-old girl accused of sex attack’ report left me shocked to the core

Has the world of political correctness gone stark, raving bonkers? I have to ask given an article I read in the Telegraph whose shocking headline, ‘Five-year-old girl accused of ‘sex attack’ amid surge in school allegations,’ left me shocked to the core! What the hell is happening? Has the world lost its entire sense of perspective? 

  However, when I carried out a bit of research, (because I’m a nosy wagon), I found that, horrifyingly, since the whole sickening Jimmy Saville scandal broke, figures released from police forces across Northern Ireland, England and Wales revealed that allegations of sexual offences brought by school children, and against school children have nearly trebled leading me to opine that perhaps parents, teachers and carers need to get the finger out ASAP and educate kids regarding what constitutes a healthy relationship and what constitutes a toxic and unsafe one because this type of behaviour  is either a nightmare scenario of nuclear proportions or there’s a clique of parents whom, despite being well intentioned, are…how do I put it – totally irrational! These are the ones who buy into the ‘your child is in mortal danger’ and ‘everyone they meet is a sexual predator/murderer,’ media hype making their kids live in a Mission Impossible style, lockdown scenario; even frightening the bejaysus out of them regarding interaction with their little pals.

  Now don’t get me wrong; I was a helicopter mammy;  always on duty and felt (for a time) that nobody was capable of taking care of my kids; and, when I worked outside of the home I refused to allow anyone other than my mother-in-law or my darling dad mind my babies. In addition, as our eldest was born with chronic asthma, every journey we took saw me in a constant state of over-preparedness often weighed down with handbags full of inhalers, plasters, baby wipes, anti-bacterial wipes and Calpol. Thank God I didn’t pass on my mad mollycoddling to my daughter who’s a laid back mother,  but who, funnily enough, will always ring mammy in times of crises so perhaps it’s good one of us is like the Energizer Bunny; ready to spring into action.

  However, obviously a 5-year-old child; the age of the kid being accused in this horror scenario, would either be a junior or senior infant, and it’s incredibly difficult for me to grasp the fact that one so young, so innocent could be construed as a sexual predator – meaning there may well be (there may well not be) a bit of nonsensical panic going on here on the part of the school and the parents… or am I being extremely naïve?

  First of all, kids are naturally curious, often showing or asking to see private body parts or touching, kissing and hugging each other – it’s part of being an innocent five-year-old; and, if the kids in question were both the same age and both of equal intellect and abilities, then is it fair to ask if this incident might be construed as an innocent case of ‘experimentation?’ I’m simply trying to apportion balance here and my thoughts are also with the alleged little victim and their family.

  On the other hand, many young kids are being constantly exposed to highly inappropriate images and conversations as well as TV programmes and other explicit materials that can prove extremely harmful to their innocent minds as well as forming powerful and dangerous ideas regarding unhealthy, undignified and inappropriate behaviour towards themselves and others.   

  Parents and teachers must be vigilant, and incidents must be reported and well done to those who don’t stand idly by and allow assaults and bullying to go unpunished. I’m just a bit baffled as to how a tiny child, whose boundaries have possibly been blurred, could stand accused of such a heinous act. Perhaps it would be helpful for both kids involved in this incident to have someone emotionally available to them who’ll walk them gently through this stressful experience without showing either prejudice or judgement; but rather love and understanding. I wish both families strength and healing.

End the discrimination of Roscommon taxpayers!

Well folks, apparently 7,966 locals are using toxic water containing elevated Trihalomethanes or THMs. Confused? You should be. You should also be hopping mad because what this means is that Roscommon voters, Roscommon tax payers and Roscommon citizens don’t have access to an adequate supply of safe drinking water!

  But what are THMs and why are they poisoning us? Well, THMs are a group of four chemicals, i.e.  chloroform, bromoform, dibromochloromethane and bromodichloromethane…all big names resulting in the  reaction that takes place between the chlorine used for disinfecting our tap water and the organic matter present in said water…end of science bit. All we need to know is that THMs are associated with reproductive problems and negative health risks like cancer, meaning our government is slowly poisoning us.

  And oh, in order to add insult to injury, as they’ve taken away our A&E facilities, they’re also limiting our chances of survival! Roscommon people are being discriminated at every level from the basics in life like drinking water and emergency medical treatment to job creation. Next time Enda comes to visit, I suggest he wipes that self-satisfied smirk from his face and instead wears a badge of shame until his government strengthens their equality legislation to bring the good people of Roscommon in line with the rest of the country! It is simply not good enough!

Anne Herlihy is a remarkable woman who has woven dying into her lust for living

There are few TV shows that would have the power to render me an emotional wreck; last week’s ‘Saturday Night with Miriam’ is one of them. Now, my state of utter wretchedness was not due to this silly show, which is possibly one of the worst pieces of TV ever to be foisted upon the Irish people, with Miriam’s poor excuse for not having hot shot heavyweights being “viewers prefer Irish guests over big name celebs!” Will you get a clue RTE and get some decent guest bookers for God’s sake!   

  However, last Saturday night’s human interest, heart-tugging guest, the amazingly strong and beautiful human being that is Cork woman Anne Herlihy, whose incredible spirit and sense of humour in the face of adversity and a life threatening illness was truly humbling and inspiring and had me feeling overwhelmed with awe. Then, when Anne performed Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now,’  with one of my favourite people Tommy Flemming, a gentleman I’ve interviewed many times,  I was an emotional wreck, bawling my eyes out into the fur coat of my baffled little Pomeranian.

  I simply cannot (nor do I wish to) imagine the strength it takes Anne and her family to keep going. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, Anne is defying every single attempt her diagnosis makes to limit her; her new mandate being to live with the shadow of death hanging over her, but at the same time, totally refusing to give it any permission to ruin the adventure that is her rich life, filled with positivity, humour, love and joy. She is truly a breathtaking, mind-blowing, lady who left me awestruck by her courage.