29 dead animals callously dumped in Kilteevan bog

This was the gruesome sight that greeted locals at Kilteevan bog last week, when 29 animal carcasses were dumped – in what a Council spokesperson called “one of the worst instances” of illegal dumping he has ever come across.

  In what one local resident called a “despicable” act, the remains of 26 small lambs and three Charolais calves were dumped in a drain at the bog. It is thought that the dead animals were discarded there between Wednesday night and Thursday morning of last week. All 26 of the lambs are believed to have been freshly-born, with the oldest of them no more than a week old.

  “This was a shocking discovery” local resident and well-known farm leader Michael Spellman told the Roscommon People. “A local man was out for a walk on Thursday morning when he came across the carcasses. The animals had been thrown into a drain after dark… they were in no more than six inches of water.”    

  It is assumed that the animals belonged to a farmer with a big stock and that they had all died within days of being born. Mr. Spellman, who noted that the Kilteevan community is very focused on its Tidy Towns endeavours and on environmental issues generally, said that the dumping was a despicable act. “We have a proud and hard-working community here, which, as it happens, is very focused on the upkeep and image of the area” he said.

  Mr. Spellman complimented Roscommon County Council on responding “very swiftly” when contacted about the grim discovery. Strokestown-based Midlands Animals Collection removed the carcasses on Good Friday.  

  A Council spokesperson said the local authority strongly comdemned what happened at Kilteevan bog – and all such illegal dumping. “In fact” said the spokesperson, “this is one of the worst instances of illegal dumping I have come across. It was an unbelievable sight.” The spokesperson confirmed that Roscommon County Council is now investigating the matter.

  Michael Spellman said that every effort should be made to identify the culprits. “Any farmer who engages in this sort of conduct should be shown no mercy” he said. “They should be hit where it hurts – in the pocket. Maybe they should, as an example, have some of their single farm payment taken off them. The irony is that whoever went to the trouble of driving possibly several miles to this bog to off-load these animals could have had them removed by a professional knackery at a cost of about €1 per lamb and €20 per sheep.

  “It is reprehensible to think that people will do this…if that man hadn’t made the discovery, foxes would have got to those carcasses and scattered them around…there would have been all sorts of implications for animal health and the environment.”

Contact Gardaí

Gardaí have urgently sought the public’s assistance in solving the crime. Anyone with information is asked to contact 090-6638300.

  Sergeant Kieran Carroll: “We are treating this as a very serious incident. It was a horrific sight to behold – they were dumped in such a callous fashion, causing litter and possibly a pollution issue.”