Lifestyle goals and skincare secrets – how Lucy’s living with lockdown!

Confined to quarters, many of us are suffering the effects of root re-growth and lockdown locks. In addition, we’re bereft of the professional services of a qualified beauty/skincare expert…so I thought a word of advice from Lucy Carty, Proprietor and Clinical Director of Eden Skin and Laser Clinic would be in order.

Has Covid-19 and its restrictions affected your business?

Yes they have massively restricted my business. The clinic is in snooze mode at the minute as we are temporarily closed. Hygiene has always been paramount my line of business. We’ve always taken universal precautions with disinfecting equipment and using PPE. When restrictions and guidelines were introduced we started to screen clients before they would come for an appointment. Protecting my staff was really important also. I predicted early on that we might have to close for a period of time, so the girls knew it was a possibility, but didn’t imagine it would be for this period of time. 

Could you share any professional skincare maintenance tips with me for our readers? 

Firstly, I would like to reassure my lovely clients, and I miss them and the buzz around the clinic. I can still be contacted if clients have any issues. In fact I am offering free Zoom or Skype skin consultations so I am still very present for my clients albeit virtually. We work together to put a homecare regime in place and a plan of treatments for when we reopen.

But give us some tips Lucy…tips…please?

My tips are: Ensure to keep your skin clean, avoid sugar and although the temptation is to ‘go out the back and tan’ with all our fine weather, I advise everyone to wear their SPF. I am in the process of making up a ‘Covid Skin Rescue’ pack to post out to clients if they need one to do a home treatment. I would urge my laser hair removal clients that are in course, to shave the area only, and to avoid home waxing or plucking. And, as Arnie says…I’ll be back!

Congratulations on your recent house purchase…

Yes I have just bought a house and very excited to do so. Unfortunately we cannot move yet as some work has to be done on the house. Due to the restrictions the work is deemed non-essential, so there is a delay on progress. Currently I’m in the middle of renting and starting to pay a mortgage, so it’s tricky but fortunately I have a terrific landlord who is extremely understanding in these times. Plus it’s giving me more time to plan out my house and garden.

How are you spending your downtime?

You really have to take the positives out of the downtime, and I’m glad we live in the country and can go for walks and enjoy open spaces. I find I haven’t been watching TV or Netflix as much as I would when I was working. I catch the first ten minutes of news and that’s it. Social media is down to a minimum. You can get sucked in too easily to the negativity. I’m enjoying cooking a proper meal at home, I find it really therapeutic. I’m also still very active in my business behind the scenes with virtual refresher trainings, webinars, etc. and my dog is very happily sitting at my feet whilst I’m working from my laptop.

Missing family and friends?

How lucky are we to have Wi-Fi and social media in these times. We did a family Zoom call for my sister’s 40th recently. I can WhatsApp my friends in any part of the world. I’ve messaged people I haven’t been in touch with for ages. It has definitely brought us all closer. Next task is to get my 92-year-old mother on Tik Tok!!!”

‘No shortage of products for shops’

At a time when many enterprises are compelled to pivot in several different directions in an attempt to meet the fundamental changes enforced by the coronavirus crisis, we found out how Kevin Duffy, who, along with his family, runs Duffy’s SuperValu in Ballaghaderreen, has been weathering the restrictions. 

Has the ‘lockdown’ situation negatively affected your business?

No, business is as good as it’s always been in one sense, but in another sense, (at the start) a lot of products went out of stock. People were (understandably) panic buying, but that situation has now resolved itself because our customers know we’re constantly re-stocking our shelves.

How is your store coping with the social distancing guidelines?

There’s a lot of goodwill and compliance among our staff and our customers regarding the restrictions. For example, we have put barriers in place at the front of the shop to help people adhere to the guidelines and, when it gets busy on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we have a staff member on the door to ensure we restrict customer numbers entering the shop at any given time. We have a lot more staff on the tills to help customers move in and out of the shop and to keep the flow going. Our staff have been great.

Any other adaptions being made to Duffy’s SuperValu?

Yes, one big change has been our online shopping with staff picking orders for customers; and we’d like to invite our senior customers to use this service; it’s the best way. We’d also like to encourage anyone who is helping those cocooning with their shopping, or who are volunteering to help someone in their neighbourhood/community, to use our online service.  Just log on to, (and follow the instructions). Can I say we have a lot of respect for those who are volunteering and who are helping others out during this time.

How are you using your own free time during this health crisis?

Monday is my day off, so I’m sitting in the garden chatting to you, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and the sunshine. One silver lining about this situation is the fact that people are using their gardens more, and they’re coming into the shop to buy seeds and grow their own flowers and vegetables.


Roscommon GAA: Playing their part to help Hospice

Games have been temporarily suspended and players are being asked to stay at home, however, Roscommon senior GAA stars/management team and backroom staff are keeping busy by holding a fundraiser for the Mayo-Roscommon Hospice.  We caught up with dynamic sporting hero and Roscommon Community College Science teacher Gary Patterson from Ballinlough to find out more about the team’s ‘Shave or Dye’ initiative.

Whose idea was it to either shave or dye the players’ hair?

Well, nobody really wants to shave or dye their hair (laughs), but when Colm Lavin, our goalkeeper, whose aunt is involved with the hospice, told us they were down €30k due to the (charity’s) shops being closed (during Covid), Colm thought it’d be a good idea for us to try and help them.

How can fans/readers support your event?

We are asking them to get behind the fundraiser by voting on social media to see which of us (there are over 40 of us involved), will either shave or dye. We would like people to support the hospice because they do great work and a lot of people have benefitted from their great service. Everyone will be either shaving or dying this Saturday and Sunday and if people go to Mayo-Roscommon Hospice via the GoFundMe link, search for Help for Hospice and hopefully we can reach our goal of raising €30,000. Your readers might be looking forward to seeing Cathal Cregg returning to his blond bombshell days when he used to rock the blond hair (laughs).

Does the lack of a training routine cause any problems for the team?

It’s very tough having no group training, but we’re having individual sessions; and the strength and conditioning coach has been sending us individual programmes which we’re all following for running and for home gym work. We also have a group chat and that keeps you motivated as there is a certain amount of accountability (attached to it).

As a teacher, how are you supporting your students during this time?

We have classes set up online and we are interacting with all students, and trying hard to support them and keep them motivated.

When you’re not training, teaching or planning to shave or dye your hair, how do you relax?

I’m doing a bit of gardening and I enjoy cooking, and, with the weather being so good, I also go for daily two kilometre walks. I am doing a bit of reading and I like sports biographies, I’m currently reading a biography on Tiger Woods.

* Roscommon GAA is hoping to raise €30,000 for the Mayo-Roscommon Hospice charity, and want those who support this initiative to know that ‘anyone who donates €20 will automatically go into a draw for the chance of winning one of five signed Roscommon jerseys. A €40 donation will receive two entries and so on’.   We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to seeing the Roscommon GAA team’s ‘shave or dye’ images!


When Covid plays havoc with Cupid! 

We caught up with eligible bachelor Kieran O’Malley, (aka The Galway Player) and Digital Marketing Manager of Connaught Hospitality Group to talk about love and life during lockdown!

How have the restrictions affected business?

Oh all of the bars and clubs are closed, and that’s worrying for this industry because we just don’t know when they will all get to open up again. In addition, with the cancellation of the Galway Races, which are the jewel in the crown of the Galway summer, we’ll see a massive blow to the economy. On top of that, racegoers would normally boost the fashion, millinery, retail and  beauty industries, etc., in preparations for the festival, as well as visiting the pubs and restaurants, so it’s a huge disappointment all round. Budgets have been planned and based on last year, but it’s now a very different time and while businesses are opening up again in the US, (according to the news), you’d have to ask how safe this is. We have to do things right, one weekend could see it (the virus), potentially exploding again.

Are you now personally out of work due to the government’s restrictions?

Yes, I’m not working at all at the moment. However I am helping out with publicity for a charity called COPE Galway which helps those who are homeless, the elderly and those experiencing domestic violence. As COPE can’t raise funds through events I’m helping them with online charity fundraisers. (Readers can go to for more information).

How are you spending your downtime?

I’m watching James Bond movies and enjoying audio books, the latest one is The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), and I’m studying Spanish. It’s great fun because the App Duo Lingo is free to download, so anyone can do it. I do half an hour of lessons every day. I’ve got a great incentive to learn because I’m doing it with a friend and you get points each day based on what you’ve learned, so I’m getting competitive to earn more points. I’m also doing a Photoshop course on eCollege and I’m hosting a lot of online quizzes on Zoom.

What about exercise?

I try to structure my day by getting in a two-kilometre walk, and I’m enjoying the sun. I have also started making cocktails, so I’m experimenting with recipes that people are very kindly sending me on Instagram.

Are you still looking for love?

Yes! I’m living/sharing accommodation with friends, so while I’m not lonely during isolation, I am still looking for love.