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It was swing-gate – not the media – that finally un-seated Maria



Now folks, I don’t wish to keep harping on about Maria Bailey; God knows, I’m sick to my back teeth of the whole sorry saga. Indeed, as she was the architect of her own downfall, I’m not surprised the chronicles of swing-gate finally served to, ahem, unseat her. Therefore last week, as she (in my opinion rightly) continued to face a public backlash regarding her claim (which she ultimately dropped) against the Dean Hotel, and was removed from the Fine Gael ticket in the next general election, I thought this would be the end of this excruciating soap opera. Alas it’s not…and you can thank Senator Michelle Mulherin and her ridiculous comments for that.

  Okay, initially I was prepared to overlook Ms. Mulherin’s catty remarks regarding coverage of Ms. Bailey’s predicament, claiming they hadn’t been “proportionate or fair”. But then she referred to what she described as the “incessant coverage and abuse” allegedly levelled at her former party colleague, and asked if “she (Bailey) was a man, if she would have got it,” (the ‘it’ I assume being either the ‘abuse,’ or the ‘coverage’ or both); so I had to comment. Indeed I had to ask if perhaps Senator Mulherin is actually genuinely concerned for her ‘friend’ or if she’s using the whole mess as an excuse to garner a few column inches for herself…given her own er, discord with the meeja!

  It’s possible Ms. Mulherin, (she of the 130 phone calls allegedly made from her Leinster House phone to an individual in Kenya, which, according to her weren’t ‘personal,’ controversy…yeah…insert raised eyebrow emoji here), is trying to place a more sinister spin on the Bailey outcome. And if that’s the case, then in my opinion that’s as shameful as it is ludicrous! But, for the sake of balance here, I must mention that Ms. Mulherin did pay back those phone charges in full, however, it’s clear from her hostile utterances that the Senator’s still miffed at the meeja attention surrounding the whole affair.

  But I digress…back to Ms. Bailey…and let me say that if you were to pay any attention to Senator Mulherin’s ‘if she was a man’ reference, (and for the record, I don’t), you’d be forgiven for thinking there was some kind of ‘sexist’ motive behind Maria’s removal, when in fact, there isn’t.

  Let me try to put things in perspective here for you, Michelle. I believe Maria Bailey was de-selected because she made a number of very bad decisions and ill-advised choices. She waited way too long before she dropped her case against the hotel, and by doing this, it was she, and she alone, who allowed the saga to drag on as long as it did. Then, by creating what I can only describe as being a publicist’s nightmare, Maria took part in that now infamous interview with Sean O’Rourke, without what appears to be any preparation whatsoever. In doing this Michelle, your BFF placed her foot firmly in her own mouth…but she didn’t stop there…oh no. Instead of holding her hands up, immediately declaring how terribly sorry she was, and how stupid she felt, before promptly shutting up, Maria poured petrol onto the fire, setting in motion the string of events that perpetuated her own downfall. Simples!

  Yes Michelle, what happened to Maria Bailey had nothing got to do with the fact that she’s a female, nay, it had everything to do with the fact she acted foolishly and she was naïve...or vacuous. (You decide, readers). However, as Maria now takes time out to reflect on her future, I’d like to wish both herself and her family the very best!


Why I believe KBC bank chief Johan Thijs would make a great panto villain!


We’re well into silly panto season readers, (oh no we’re not), and, as we all know, in order to be a roaring success, every panto production needs a realistic baddie…enter stage left Johan Thijs!

  Yep, in my opinion, given his disgracefully impudent, disrespectful and callous ‘move on’ remarks regarding the tracker mortgage scandal, rendering this offensive man to find the whole episode “annoying,” I believe that KBC Group’s chief executive would make a perfectly wicked ‘boo, hiss’ villain! Am I right?

  Yes folks, last week, in what I’d describe as being a typically classic strutting and scheming panto moment, Mr. Thijs insulted everyone who has either been overcharged on their mortgage or who has lost their homes as a result of the controversy with his comments. And you know what? He didn’t even have the decency to place them into a fake feelgood PR-induced coma first!

  Now, while Fianna Fáil’s finance spokesperson Michael McGrath has reportedly described Mr. Thijs’ comments as being “ill-judged, ill-informed and deeply hurtful,” I’d like to go one step further and say the latter’s choice of words were a classic case of intrinsic indifference towards his fellow human beings. Okay, Thijs has since apologised, but it’s too little too late, and this insensitive individual should understand that the banks took money belonging to innocent people – and they broke the rules while they did it.

  Therefore, instead of expecting that we all/the country should have ‘dispensed with the issue by now’ my suggestion to Mr. Thijs would be that he might take his own advice and, ‘move on’…to another profession. Specifically something that doesn’t involve him dealing with people.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


It’s showtime folks! Yes, if you want to feel truly Christmassy, I suggest you pay a visit to our beautiful county town. Why? Because it’s cosy, it’s friendly, and it’s got everything you could ever want by way of a plethora of shops, restaurants, hotels, jewellers, hair and beauty salons, supermarkets and the farmers’ market…oh and free parking; all topped off with a fabulous, fun, festive atmosphere that I for one can’t get enough of.

  As a ‘Christmas junkie,’ (my granddaughter’s words), each year, I tend to get over-enthusiastic when, upon entering the roundabout into Roscommon town, I notice the Christmas lights height notice (apparently aimed at drivers of large vehicles) and that for me hails the onset of the festive season. It also gives me permission to start acting like a Magpie, and buy up every sparkly, glittery, twinkly and flashy bauble I can get my hands on; much to the amusement of he-who-thinks-he’s-the-boss! Yep, I’m pathetic. In addition, as Roscommon town plays host to some of the loveliest of shop fronts around the country, all displaying an impressive array of creativity and dedication aimed at keeping shoppers closer to home, I’d like to remind readers to remain loyal, shop local and keep the money, as well as the jobs, in Roscommon. This of course applies countywide. Remember, our local stores’ survival may depend on the benefits of the additional revenue they receive in the run-up to the festive season; so do give them a chance!



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