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Roscommon Lamb Festival

The success of Roscommon Lamb Festival 2012 was captured by a camera crew, and local correspondent Ciaran Mullooly for RTE over the course of the Sunday’s events during the May Bank Holiday weekend. Tune in to RTE TV this Friday evening at 7pm (22nd  June) to see the coverage.


Roscommon Co-operative Livestock Mart Reports

Cattle Sale Report from Friday 22nd June

Numbers were well increased this week. The prices for Heifers were similar while the trade for the Bullocks were well especially for the quality lots. There were also a good number of Cows with calves at foot on offer. Prices for Dry Cows were well maintained with a full clearance. There was also a good trade for Weanlings. Please note Weanlings and Suckler Cows will be sold on Fridays until further notice. 

  Dry Cows made from €1035 to €1720 per head. Sample Prices: Fr 620 kgs €1035, Char 775 kgs, €1720, Char


Early introduction of meaningful AEOS 3 must be a priority for Minister Coveney

An IFA delegation led by President John Bryan has left the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney in no doubt that farmers who have been denied an agri-environment scheme, expect an early announcement on a new AEOS scheme open to all farmers to be a priority for the Minister.

 The Minister was told by the IFA delegation at a recent meeting that there could be no more cuts to farm schemes, and an AEOS scheme for all farmers leaving REPS3 must be provided. He said: “Many low-income farmers, especially along the Western seaboard, depend on agri environment payments to support their


Recovery in farm incomes checked with price and cuts and weather woes

Reacting to CSO figures for 2011, IFA President John Bryan said the recovery that was evident in the last two years will not be sustained in 2012 as farm incomes suffer from a combination of price drops, reduced output due to poor weather and rapidly rising input costs.

  John Bryan commented: “The contrast between the 2011 figures, and the likely outturn for 2012, is a stark illustration of the impact of volatility on farm families. For example, the combined price cuts of the last few months for milk producers total up to a massive 6c/l. This represents a loss


IFA present farm taxation proposals to the Department of Finance

At a meeting with Department of Finance officials, IFA Farm Business Chairman Tom Doyle said: “The achievement of growth targets for the agri-food sector requires a sustained improvement in the competitiveness of primary agriculture.

  “It is critical that existing taxation measures to support restructuring, farm investment and land mobility are retained. Where necessary, they should be extended, if their current restriction is proving a barrier to the development of the agriculture sector.”

  The key IFA proposals discussed were retention of 90% Agricultural Relief, renewal of Stamp Duty Relief and Stock Relief, extension of long-term land leasing incentives to


IFA secure strong commitment from Minister

At a meeting in Dublin recently, the Minister of Agriculture Simon Coveney told the IFA President John Bryan that he was making some progress to deal with Ireland’s concerns on CAP reform, and especially on securing a flexible payment model based on approximation to protect the Single Farm Payment of farmers. 

  Minister Coveney told the IFA delegation that he and his Department were involved in intensive lobbying of member states, and were making some progress in getting support for the Irish position on approximation. He said this involves the application of the EU model limiting redistribution of payments between


ICSA outraged by spate of violence against the elderly

The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association strongly condemns the violence being perpetrated against elderly people in rural areas.

  It comes after a recent spate of distressing incidents, in which the homes of elderly people have been broken into and robbed, and the residents assaulted.

  ICSA President, Gabriel Gilmartin, said, “These are appalling acts of violence towards some of society’s most vulnerable people. Elderly people living in rural areas are seen as something of an easy target for criminals and we must do all that we can to prevent these attacks and help the Gardaí investigate them when


Connacht Gold staff raise 30,000 for Cancer Care West

Staff of Connacht Gold raised €30,000 on behalf of Cancer Care West, the co-op’s nominated charity in 2011. The cheque was presented by Connacht Gold Chairman Padraig Gibbons and Chief Executive Aaron Forde, on behalf of the co-op’s entire workforce, to Cancer Care West fundraising manager David O’Donnell. The function was also attended by former IFA President John Donnelly, a prominent activist in the charity.


Roscommon Mart report

Sheep Sale, Wednesday July 11th 2012: Numbers on offer this week was smaller. There was a good clearance of lambs despite a reduction in prices. The trade for Cast Ewes was slightly easier but the majority of lots got sold.

Lambs – sample prices: 8 Lambs 51 kgs €97.50, 9 lambs 54.23 kgs €100, 10 lambs 50.1 kgs €98,

6 lambs 46.17 kgs €93.50, 9 lambs 41.78 kgs €87, 3 lambs 59.67 kgs €105, 

2 lambs 55.50 kgs €102. 

  Cast Ewes made from €60 to €100 per head. 

Roscommon Mart is pleased to announce the opening of their new SHEEP


On-going weather problems hit farm incomes by 100million

Roscommon IFA Chairman, Mr. John O’Beirne, has said the very poor weather conditions across the country have had a major impact on farm incomes. He said large numbers of stock have been re-housed and feed bills are up significantly, while output is down.

  “Across all sectors – dairy, beef, tillage and sheep – the impact on farm incomes over the last five weeks has been a hit of €100m due to higher feed costs and a loss of output. Every week where we are not seeing an improvement is adding to the impact on farm incomes. In addition, we

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